Episode 4: Bigfoot Wars


In Episode 4, we happily present you Bigfoot Wars, a murky, disjointed, and just plain peculiar ABSM (Abominable Snow Man) moovie, starring C. Thomas Howell, Judd Nelson, and a whole lotta shaggy Bigfeet.   Directed, more or less, by Brian T. Jaynes, listen to the pain and suffering it causes us on our podcast over at Podbean!  The suffering we endure for our fans!

Behold my shagginess!

A fairly stinky effort, according to the consensus: Just Jenn and the MooCow both came in at a 6 on the Stinkometer, while Jonathan scored it a 7!  That’s a Stink Total of 19, and an average Stink score of 6.3!

Stinky Score 6

To see what all the fuss is about, and witness that glorious corn dog spill, buy a copy at Amazon or, for our more discriminating stink-viewers, at Barnes & Noble.

You know you want a trailer – check it out HERE!

We’re gonna need a bigger…hammer

Episode 3: Ski Wolf


And now we’re cooking with gas here at the Indie Film Cafe – next up on our stinky list is the classic 80’s mash-up, director Chris Seaver‘s Ski Wolf!  He’s a hairy dude who can hang ten on the slopes and save his family’s ski resort from the evil clutches of Ralston Zabka, and his team of squirrely sidekicks.  And its all done as only low-budget legend Chris Seaver can do it!  Hear us laugh it up on our podcast at Podbean!

Check me out!  I am NOT like Teen Ape!

The MooCow gave this fabulous stinker a 5 on the Stinkometer; there are stinkier flicks than this, and there are less stinkier ones too, but this one is 100% pure Seavertainment!  Moody and Just Jenn both gave it 6’s, for a total Stink Score of 17!

Stinky Score 6

If you need to score yourself a copy of this masterpiece, git over to Amazon!  Or check it out on line at Vimeo!

Enjoy a special sneak peak with the director HERE!

We shall rule this mountain!



Episode 2: Suburban Sasquatch


This cheapo Dave Wascavage cheesy howler is a classic stinky ABSM (Abominable Snow Man) moovie that simply must be seen and enjoyed!  Its very difficult to pick out just one entertaining aspect to highlight from this z-grade indie – cud it be the unfinished purple sasquatch suite (with black hands and bulbous breasts)? The tarp cave?? The very ‘special’ special effects?? The fake Native American hi-jinx?? The non-stop bickering between the leads? Check out this masterpiece of low, low budget horror, and pick your own favorites! Enjoy the Indie Film Cafe podcast on Podbean!

I is purple!

The MooCow had no choice but to award this flick a solid 8 on the Stinkometer!  Jonathan agreed with the MooCow and awarded an 8, and Just Jenn, in her maiden episode, scored the moovie a 7, for a total Stink Score of 23!  That’s pretty stinky, folks!

Stinky Score 8

If you wanna buy a copy of this stinker, and you should, check it out HERE.

And to check out a fun sneak preview click HERE!

The Double D Avenger’s got NOTHING on my hairy hooters!

Episode 1: Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City


Wow, you will not believe this micro-budget post-apocalyptic straight-to-video masterpiece (a sequel to the earlier Bimbos BC) was almoost forgotten – until the wacky folks at Indie Film Cafe dug it up! Featuring interesting special effects, amazing action sequences, and a rather peculiar film score, this is a film that simply demands to be experienced!

You can do A LOT with silver painted cardboard boxes and cinder blocks!

This early Todd Sheets dystopian sci-fi actioner is a classic stinker, and rates very high on the MooCow’s Stinkometer, clocking in at a massive 9!  Holy Stinkbombs!  Jonathan largely agreed, and awarded it an 8, as did Just Jenn who got to see the moovie in Episode 13.

Stinky Score 8

Enjoy our episode 1 podcast on Podbean!

Good luck finding a copy of this stinky classic, but if yer lucky, and have moolah to burn, you can always check out Amazon.

And you can find it at DVD Planet!

Honestly, THIS was the MooCow’s initial reaction upon first seeing this moovie…

The future past is scary…and full of mullets

Weresquito: Nazi Hunter

Egads! An innocent soldier, captured and transformed by ‘sinister’ Nazi science into a horrible bloodthirsty skeeter abomination! This fun, low budget indie is a throw-back to the grand old Saturday morning monster moovies of the 50’s and 60’s, classic shockers that warn us of the dangers of revenge and too much knowledge – and it does not suck!

This is the first movie Jonathan and Paul (the MooCow) reviewed; its not an actual podcast episode because we made it as a video first, but think of it as our pilot episode.  You can catch the podcast version on Podbean HERE, and the Indie Guy video on Youtube HERE, see what the buzz is all about!

I’m a giant evil were-skeeter!  No, really…

While the Chris R. Mihm-directed film does have its flaws, as do many lower budget, independent films, Paul didn’t find this movie to be particularly stinky, and gives it a score of 3 on the Stinkometer.

We’ll leave this place for Jonathan, and perhaps Just Jenn, to add their scores.

To git your hooves on a copy of this flick go to THIS SITE and buy it!

Check out very kewl trailer too!

weresquito_grubber and baker
Don’t make me axe you again!