Episode 3: Ski Wolf


And now we’re cooking with gas here at the Indie Film Cafe – next up on our stinky list is the classic 80’s mash-up, director Chris Seaver‘s Ski Wolf!  He’s a hairy dude who can hang ten on the slopes and save his family’s ski resort from the evil clutches of Ralston Zabka, and his team of squirrely sidekicks.  And its all done as only low-budget legend Chris Seaver can do it!  Hear us laugh it up on our podcast at Podbean!

Check me out!  I am NOT like Teen Ape!

The MooCow gave this fabulous stinker a 5 on the Stinkometer; there are stinkier flicks than this, and there are less stinkier ones too, but this one is 100% pure Seavertainment!  Moody and Just Jenn both gave it 6’s, for a total Stink Score of 17!

Stinky Score 6

If you need to score yourself a copy of this masterpiece, git over to Amazon!  Or check it out on line at Vimeo!

Enjoy a special sneak peak with the director HERE!

We shall rule this mountain!


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