Episode 14: Barn of the Blood Llama


Incest.  Decapitation.  Bestiality.  Animal shaped coffins.  Llamas.  Oh man, this insane flick has it all!  Yes, deep down in whack-a-doodle Texas, there is a magical place called the World O’ Wool, where Gibby and his brother Jug make a living (somecow) from their herd of llamas, with a bit of help from the crazy, even-toned Doc Albert, who is trying to find the secret of Day-glo wool (and who isn’t?).  But our woolly pals have udder things in mind, especially when a gaggle of menstruating females from the Greasy Squeeze pops up, and they go all bloody crazy, and start to spit toxic cud (as you do) and murdering everyone in sight (or at least their mangy puppet stand-ins do).  The result, as you might expect, is something truly horrific!  Its a moovie that dares ask the question: Does everything in Texas spit toxic cud?  Well, we all know the answer to that…

Somecow, the Indie Film Cafe crew managed to survive this episode, but boy was it close!  Check out the moaning and groaning on their podcast, and take bets on how long before Just Jenn hits the MooCow over his head with a shovel for this one!  Personally, I think Gibby says it best here.  Oh yeah, and Clive Barker shows up.


The MooCow and Just Jenn did agree to give this batshit crazy film 9.5 scores on the Stinkometer, while poor Moody cud only proffer a 9 because he is genuinely frightened of what might come next.  That’s a 28 total Stink Score, folks, and is an all-time Stinkometer high!  Can Barn of the Blood Llama possibly be topped?  Only one way to find out, folks…

Stinky Score 9

Trailer??  We don’t got no stinking trailer!  Well, ok, we do have this fun little bit straight social media hell itself, Facebook. There are AETV interviews of the maniacs involved with this flick here and here.  And there is a great Gibby interview here.  There is a 25th anniversary edition out there, so if you wanna get your hooves on a copy (and you should!), cowtact the guys on their Facebook page and ask for directions.



Episode 13: Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City – AGAIN!!!!


“Here we go again…”

Thanks, Doc, you took the words out of my mouth.

Yep, the Indie Film Cafe folks got into the WayBack Machine and traveled all the way back to last December (!!!) to revisit the subject of our first official podcast episode, Todd SheetsPrehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City – as it turns out, Jonathan had a family issue to deal with during our regularly scheduled episode (Barn of the Blood Llama, AGAIN!!!  I PROMISE we will get to this moovie!), and so we decided to show the first moovie we reviewed to the lovely Just Jenn because it was the one she hadn’t seen, and also because out first episode was only about 30 minutes long and I felt that we hadn’t actually touched on everything that I wanted to talk about – and believe the MooCow, there is LOTS to discuss.

Ummmm, what the heck is this thing??

Anycow, our Episode 13 Podcast gets Just Jenn’s observations, and the MooCow got to blather on to his fuzzy cow heart’s content about one of his favorite stinkers of all time, so all is well in Indie Film Cafe – land.  And now our Stinky Moovie Scoreboard is updated too – at the end of Season One we will find out which moovie was the best of the first season, and which was the stinkiest!  Stay tuned and find out!

I love this interview of Todd Sheets by fanboy and fellow B-moovie Director Chris Seaver, both favorites around here at Indie Film Cafe!


Episode 12: Tromeo & Juliet


Body Piercing, Kinky Sex, and Dismemberment – and a Penis Puppet Monster!  All the things that made Shakespeare Great, which are the same things that make Troma great too, especially this subversive, mooovelous little stunner about star-crossed teenagers called Tromeo and Juliet!  Set in the same wonderful Tromaverse as Sgnt. Kabukiman and the Toxic Avenger, this is the tale of the famous teens in love told in a way the Great Bard never dared to dream!  Only the Bard of Tromaville, Lloyd Kaufman, could come up with a story so twisted, weird, and violent, and yet still true to the original material.  Featuring great performances, a super soundtrack, and a no-holds-barred attitude, as well as the stunning and lovely Jane Jensen, and written by James Gunn, this Troma-riffic flick will get your ultra-violent thrills AND satisfy your highbrow film thirst in one fell swoop.  Just watch out for that nipple piercing!  BAD MONKEY!!! Check out our podcast and see what the fuss is about!

The MooCow gives this crazy moovie a 3.5, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn a 4, for a total Stink Score of 10.5, and a stinky average of 3.5! That’s a great Stink Score!  All this, and Lemmy too!

Stinky Score 3

You like the trailahhhs?  Well we gotst da trailahhs, right HERE!  To git yer hooves on a copy of dis flick, head on over to that wonderland of independent film, TROMA, and plunk down your hard-earned weregeld for a dvd or blu-ray copy!  Or check out Troma’s YouTube channel!  Either way you slice it, you need a copy of this flick now!



Episode 11: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter


The power of Christ Impales you!  But only if you are a mean, nasty vampire!  Yes, the Prince of Peace is in the battle against the forces of darkness with his friends, Mary Magnum and El Santos, as they fight a cabal of lesbian-munching vampires and the evil Doctor PretoriusPhil Caracas plays the big JC, hunter of vampires, in this fun, wacky Canadian flick written by Ian Driscoll and directed by Lee Gorden Demarbre.  The nutjobs here at Indie Film Cafe have lots to say about this one on Episode #11 podcast – check it out!  Thrill at the amazing fight scenesEnjoy the scha-weeet musical and dance routines!!  Marvel at the incredible talking bowl of cherries!!!  And remember: Everybody gets laid tonight!


The MooCow gives this fun flick a 2, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn a 3 as well, for a total Stink Score of 8, and a stinky average of 2.5! That’s an amazingly low and unstinky score!

Stinky Score 2

Pick up the Special Edition DVD at Amazon, and get the amazing BLU RAY there too!  And enjoy the dramatic trailer HERE.  There is also a bittersweet remembrance video HERE, 9 years after the moovie was made, discussing where various folks who made the film ended up.  Finally, enjoy the haunting El Santos Theme Song HERE, because you can never get enough of El Santos!




Episode 10: Shrunken Heads


What do decapitated teenagers, voodoo, street bullies, and boob snuggles all have in common?  Check out Richard Elfman‘s wacky Full Moon production of Shrunken Heads, or better yet, listen to the Indie Film Cafe folks yack it up on podcast episode 10!  Just remember not to piss off Big Mo, she’s busy tryin’ to track down her slips, whatsamatta wichoo?  See the always wonderful Meg Foster in her most amazing role yet!

The MooCow gives this flick a 5, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn split the difference, as she usually does, a 4, for a total Stink Score of 12, and a stinky average of 4!  That’s pretty good!

Stinky Score 4

If you’d like a copy for your self, and why the heck wouldn’t you, head on over to Full Moon Pictures’ website for a direct purchase HERE.

You want trailers?  Oh, we gotst trailers, check it out!

Now if we can just get Continuity Monkey from demanding boob snuggles from everyone…