Weresquito: Nazi Hunter

Egads! An innocent soldier, captured and transformed by ‘sinister’ Nazi science into a horrible bloodthirsty skeeter abomination! This fun, low budget indie is a throw-back to the grand old Saturday morning monster moovies of the 50’s and 60’s, classic shockers that warn us of the dangers of revenge and too much knowledge – and it does not suck!

This is the first movie Jonathan and Paul (the MooCow) reviewed; its not an actual podcast episode because we made it as a video first, but think of it as our pilot episode.  You can catch the podcast version on Podbean HERE, and the Indie Guy video on Youtube HERE, see what the buzz is all about!

I’m a giant evil were-skeeter!  No, really…

While the Chris R. Mihm-directed film does have its flaws, as do many lower budget, independent films, Paul didn’t find this movie to be particularly stinky, and gives it a score of 3 on the Stinkometer.

We’ll leave this place for Jonathan, and perhaps Just Jenn, to add their scores.

To git your hooves on a copy of this flick go to THIS SITE and buy it!

Check out very kewl trailer too!

weresquito_grubber and baker
Don’t make me axe you again!

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