Episode 4: Bigfoot Wars


In Episode 4, we happily present you Bigfoot Wars, a murky, disjointed, and just plain peculiar ABSM (Abominable Snow Man) moovie, starring C. Thomas Howell, Judd Nelson, and a whole lotta shaggy Bigfeet.   Directed, more or less, by Brian T. Jaynes, listen to the pain and suffering it causes us on our podcast over at Podbean!  The suffering we endure for our fans!

Behold my shagginess!

A fairly stinky effort, according to the consensus: Just Jenn and the MooCow both came in at a 6 on the Stinkometer, while Jonathan scored it a 7!  That’s a Stink Total of 19, and an average Stink score of 6.3!

Stinky Score 6

To see what all the fuss is about, and witness that glorious corn dog spill, buy a copy at Amazon or, for our more discriminating stink-viewers, at Barnes & Noble.

You know you want a trailer – check it out HERE!

We’re gonna need a bigger…hammer

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