Episode 2: Suburban Sasquatch


This cheapo Dave Wascavage cheesy howler is a classic stinky ABSM (Abominable Snow Man) moovie that simply must be seen and enjoyed!  Its very difficult to pick out just one entertaining aspect to highlight from this z-grade indie – cud it be the unfinished purple sasquatch suite (with black hands and bulbous breasts)? The tarp cave?? The very ‘special’ special effects?? The fake Native American hi-jinx?? The non-stop bickering between the leads? Check out this masterpiece of low, low budget horror, and pick your own favorites! Enjoy the Indie Film Cafe podcast on Podbean!

I is purple!

The MooCow had no choice but to award this flick a solid 8 on the Stinkometer!  Jonathan agreed with the MooCow and awarded an 8, and Just Jenn, in her maiden episode, scored the moovie a 7, for a total Stink Score of 23!  That’s pretty stinky, folks!

Stinky Score 8

If you wanna buy a copy of this stinker, and you should, check it out HERE.

And to check out a fun sneak preview click HERE!

The Double D Avenger’s got NOTHING on my hairy hooters!

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