Episode 74: Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (2001)

It’s a witch, inna house – it’s Witchouse! And its the the third (and final??) installment of the Witchouse trilogy, with a lil’ bit of Full Moon, a dash of Tempe, and a troika of beautiful Scream Queen Dream Team starlets, including Debbie Rochon, Tina Krause, and Brinke Stevens! What cud possibly go wrong?? Well….

Ok, its not so mooch that anything went wrong so mooch as things cud have been a lot better, given the talent behind this pic. Part of that comes from the budget, which narrows the scope of the film cowsiderably, as well as some questionable narrative choices, and an overall lack of, well, stuff happening. Cowever, there are also a lot of good things in this film too – check out the latest Indie Film Cafe podcast EPISODE wherein Mr. Moody, Director John Ward, and newbie guest co-host Cameron Scott discuss all the house witchery details!

Poor Annie (the lovely Tanya Demsey) gets slapped by douchey Burke (Paul Darrigo, who also wears a fishnet tee shirt, as if you needed further proof of his character’s douchebaggerosity!), and runs off to the very nice beach front property wherein lives Stevie (the lovely Debbie Rochon) and Rose (the lovely Tina Krause), who are, well, in the middle of summoning Satan for shits n gigs (as you do). Well, they’re really filming part of a documentary about witchcraft, but without anything better to do they all get drunk, perform a ‘ritual’, and hey-presto, they summon Lilith le Fey from the first two Witchouse moovies, who begins to torment them because, well, that’s what Angry Summoned Witch-Ghostie-Demoness Thingies do.

Or is that what really happened? After a few odd plot twists and uncowvincing deaths, the narrative devolves into an unlikely pot boiler soap opera, several lovely ladies end up deadinski, and the plucky Stevie has become the next Lilith, kinda-sorta?? I dunno, the plot (and the lighting!) is as murky as vegetable soup, only not as healthy, and the whole thing feels somewhat unsatisfying in the end – which is really a shame because Rochon, Krause, and Dempsey all give earthy, heartfelt performances that really make you like these girls and root for them. Brinke Stevens‘ Lilith is creepy at first, but just sort of hangs around in the end, as if no one is really sure why her character is in the film in the first place.

Well, break out your broom sticks, ’cause this moovie has been scored! Moody went with a 4, while John Ward awarded the film a 3 and Cameron Scott a 5, giving Witchouse 3: Demon Fire a Stink Score of 12, and a Stinky Average of 4.0 – that is a pretty decent score overall (especially this year!), and is testament to there being enough good things to balance out the less good in this indie witchy flick. On the Ladder of Stink, this Witchouse film is on par with an-udder Full Moon picture, Shrunken Heads, which Indie Film Cafe covered wayyyy way back in Episode 10. No boob snuggles here (unfortunately…), but if you are fans of Debbie Rochon, Tina Krause, Tanya Dempsey, and even Brinke Stevens (and if yer not, what the heck is wrong with you!!!) then you should definitely check this out, ’cause these ladies prove they are moore than a pretty face in a hot bikini…although there is, ummm, that too…. ;=8)

Check out the O-fficial trailerage HERE. For streamers you can find it on Tubi as well as Amazon. For those of you who prefer to git yer hooves on the physical media, good ol’ Uncle Amazon also has both the regular version and the fancy-dancy widescreen version too! FYE has it as well. And you can find it re-sale on Ebay too. And, of course, you can always go right to the source and get it from Full Moon Direct.com, which is always the best. Grindhouse Video has it as well. As of this writing this cow has not seen a blu ray release for Witchouse 3, but would certainly support that idea. The kewl purple moovie POSTER can be found at Goldposter.com. Someday it would be mooovelous to have that poster on a mug or tee shirt, but alas we can only dream about it now. If you like the soundtrack you can listen to it HERE. Tempe DVD has a nice press release about the film on their website that is worth tracking down as well. And finally, Witchouse 3 was one of a number of horror moovies featured on Terror Cards, which were kewl cowllectible trading cards put out by Retroscope back in ’04. Terror Cards is now gone digital, but I’m not sure Witchouse 3 or any of the older moovies are on it.

Not without some flaws, Witchouse 3 is still a fun, kewl watch on a late night, with the lights off, especially if you wanna git yer Scream Queen vibe on. The MooCow, and Indie Film Cafe, says check it out! Just don’t summon Lilith, she’s kind of a cranky pants…

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