Episode 10: Shrunken Heads


What do decapitated teenagers, voodoo, street bullies, and boob snuggles all have in common?  Check out Richard Elfman‘s wacky Full Moon production of Shrunken Heads, or better yet, listen to the Indie Film Cafe folks yack it up on podcast episode 10!  Just remember not to piss off Big Mo, she’s busy tryin’ to track down her slips, whatsamatta wichoo?  See the always wonderful Meg Foster in her most amazing role yet!

Searching for Boob Snuggles

The MooCow gives this flick a 5, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn split the difference, as she usually does, a 4, for a total Stink Score of 12, and a stinky average of 4!  That’s pretty good!

Stinky Score 4

If you’d like a copy for your self, and why the heck wouldn’t you, head on over to Full Moon Pictures’ website for a direct purchase HERE.

You want trailers?  Oh, we gotst trailers, check it out!

Now if we can just get Continuity Monkey from demanding boob snuggles from everyone…

boob snuggles
Finally!  Boob Snuggles!!!!


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