Episode 56: Alien VS Hunter (2007)

Need a lower, cheaper, stinkier version of Alien VS Predator moovie, then look no further than the Asylum‘s 2007 cheap stinky rip-off flick Alien VS Hunter, starring William Kat (The Greatest American Hero), Dedee Pfiefer (Vamp), and an unscary bug/mantis/alien thingy hunted by some kind of cheesy cyborg Predator-wanna-be. People get in the way and get munched, there are ray guns and cheesy fx, and some cute chick named Freckles. All of which are directed, moore or less, by one Scott Harper, the guy who made the abysmal Supercroc. If this kind of moovie is yer stinky cup of joe, then check out the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe, where Mr. Moody, Joe Turek, and special guest reviewer Director John Ward (Axemas, Axemas II, Meathook Massacre 4) bewail their fate!

Rock Lobster….

Pretty mooch if you stuck the two Alien VS Predator moovies into a blender, and added generous helpings of Blood Predator, and a half million bucks, and you pressed puree, you’d get this flaccid flick. Udders showing up in this debacle include Wittly Jourdan (Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls), Randy Mulkey (Legend of Bloody Mary, and lots of tv appearances), and Jason Gray (The DaVinci Treasure); Jennifer Couch (The Love Witch) plays Freckles. Harper was also the visual effects supervisor, and probably should have fired himself.

I don’t think that cross is gonna help…wrong flick!

Aaaaaaaaand the Stink Scores are in, with Moody awarding the film an 8.5, Joe Turek tossed in an even 8.0, and special guest John Ward chiming in with a 7.5, giving Alien VS Hunter a Stink Total of 24 – that’s a Stinky Average of 8.0, folks! Pretty darn stinky!

The sucktastic trailer is right HERE. For shits n gigs, here is the longer Dutch trailer. Fandango Movie Clips has a free clip on the Tube of You, for your enjoyment (sort of…). Rent this sucker through Microsoft! Dvds of the film are to be had at AMAZON, and so are Region B Blu Rays, if you wanna spend 50 bucks… You can also find the dvd on Ebay, and in theory you can get it right from The Asylum themselves, if you prefer, as well as Oldies.com. Twenty bucks will get you a 27″ X 40″ poster – and you know you want it! Udder sizes and personalized finishes can be had at Movie Poster Shop.com. And finally here is a cute lil stuffed Xenomoph, which you can buy and pretend showed up in this film.

WAIT, this isn’t a giant kissing bug! Arrrrrghhhhh!

Well, here at Indie Film Cafe we’re all about stinky sci-fi cheese, and while this cheese isn’t Gouda it certainly does stink! Check it out, and watch out for bed bugs…

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