Episode 55: Robo CHIC (1990)

Well, what can you say about Robo CHIC aka Cyber CHIC aka Thunder Tronic aka who the heck knows what else? I mean, besides HEHH??? Where the hell did this come from? Well, the weird and obscure Robo CHIC was spawned from a lake of goo known as Action Pictures International, the same cesspool of stinky garbage that spewed forth such udder stinky delights as Space Mutiny, Phoenix the Warrior, Deadly Prey, Elves, and Teenage Exorcist, to name a few. It was written and directed by that wonderful talented team of Ed Hansen (Bikini Carwash Company) and Jeffrey Mandel (Elves), and it stars former Playboy Playmate Kathy Shower (Commando Squad, Frankenstein General Hospital, American Kickboxer II) in the title role.

Well, sort of. Also named as Executive Producer, Ms. Shower apparently knows a stinker when she smells one, and left the production part way through, leaving her role, and her ridiculously fake porn wig, to be filled in by one Jennifer Daly – who in no way looks like Kathy Shower, even with the wig and lab coat on. The rest of the cast includes TV Batman’s Burt Ward, the scene-chomping comedian Kip King as Dr. Von Colon, and a cowllection of voice actors, behind the scenes talent, and folks who never worked in the biz ever again. Labeled “Part Cop, Part Machine, All Woman”, the Indie Cafe Folks can tell you that Robo CHIC is all 100% stinker! Check out the latest podcast episode and see what we mean!

Have you see my dignity? its about thissssss big….

Ughhh, where to begin to describe this turkey? Suffice to say that wacky Dr. Von Colon, who has created a bunch of udder wacky robo-creations, created wacky Robo CHIC to FIGHT CRIME, and stop Burt Ward from blowing up nukes all over the US – oh and also stop a few criminal ‘masterminds’ and ridiculously poor biker thugs, all the while tormenting the audience with moore bad jokes, lousy puns, and tepid visual gags than you can shake a stick at. I mean, come on, the biker gang is called Satan’s Onions because the guy who made their jackets got the spelling wrong – on every jacket! if that is your sense of humor, yer gonna love this flick…

Is it time for me to get naked…again?

This time yer old pals Moody and the MooCow were joined by Rebecca Rinehart and Julie Anne Prescott, two horror moovie talents who know and appreciate indie films of all types – although they did not know about this frisky lil devil! And they scored the film moore generously than expected, with Julie Anne awarding it a 7, and Rebecca going as low as a 5! The MooCow went with an 8, which he felt was generous enough, cowsidering the smelly bouquet of this flick, and Mr. Moody went with a 6.5. We decided to go with MooCow’s and the guests’ scores on this one, giving Robo CHIC an overall Stink Score of 20, and an Stinky Average of 6.7.

You know its bad when the MooCow can’t even scare up a trailer for this flick, but welcome to the world of Straight-to-Video moovies! Speaking of video, you can pick yourself up a vhs copy of Robo CHIC from Amazon, but its gonna cost ya. From time to time you can find it on EBAY, but only in VHS form – as far as this cow knows, none of the various iterations of this film were ever released to DVD, to say nothing of Blu Ray! With moovies as obscure as this it is difficult to find merch, but the MooCow was able to locate a 27×40 double sided poster which has Robo CHIC on one side and Deadly Dancer (starring Shabba Doo)on the udder – at Ebay!

Really, its better not to ask…

So get yer Kathy Shower flick on, you know you want to, and what better way than this wacky Robo Cop wanna-be stinker? Check it out!

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