Episode 54: The Giant Spider (2013)

Eeeeeeek! its a spider, a GIANT spider!!!


And for the kids at Indie Film Cafe, its a glorious return to the Mihmiverse, the galaxy of fun, quirky, indie, B&W throw-back horror moovies from Christopher Mihm which Indie Film Cafe visited lo these many mooons ago on this podcast’s maiden voyage with Weresquito: Nazi Hunter!

And THIS time, it aint no little ‘skeeter! Its a mootant GIANT SPIDER (ok, maybe not in Esperanto), oh so reminiscent of Saturday moorning monster moovies of long past, cowplete with silly fx and stock footage! If you are into retro-cool horror (think Lost Skeleton of Cadavera) like we are, then you know what you are in for! This time, Moody, G. Larry Butler, and his daughter Bonnie made the intrepid journey to take on the Giant Spider!

“Ok, it ain’t a bug, per se, but I’m still gonna eat it…”

In which a group of scientists, an Army general, and a journalist and his fiancée, have to figure out how to stop a rampaging giant spider, embiggened by ATOMIC RADIATION!!!, now on a rampage throughout the US! Starring a number of udder Mihmiverse vets, including Shannon McDonough, Daniel Sjerven, James Norgard, Michael Cook, and Billie Jo Konze, and directed, shot, written, and edited by Christopher R. Mihm himself, this moovie was awarded the prestigious “Forrest J. Ackerman Film Award” at the 2013 Famous Monsters of Filmland Film Festival!

Hick…that ain’t no pink elephant!

Well the spider scores are in, and they’re not too shabby! Ms. Bonnie and Mr. Moody both awarded the film 4’s, while G. Larry Butler gave it a 3, giving Giant Spider an overall Stink Score of 11, which is a Stink Average of 3.67 – a relatively low amount of stink!

Check out this link for the kewl moovie TRAILER. And also check out the wacky premier stunt some of the actors did for funsies. you can stream the moovie at Amazon, and also pick up a physical copy of the DVD. Or better yet, get the moovie, and his others, right from the man behind the Mihmiverse himself at the Christopher R. Mihm Online Store. He is also on the Facebook, and if you cowtact him I am sure he can help you out finding Mihmiverse moovies. AND, you can git yer hooves on a super kewl, colorful Giant Spider Tee Shirt from Teepublic, because why the heck wouldn’t you?

Can I have some popcorn??

You can always cownt on the Mihmiverse for a fun, festive, retro-cool throw-back horro flick, and you can always cownt on the folks from Indie Film Cafe to discuss them! Which one will we do next?? Stay tuned to find out!

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