Episode 53: The Creeping Terror (1964)


My god, what is it?

Why, its a slow, mangy rug monster from outer space!  So unimpressed that you simply sit there and allow yourself to be eaten by it?  Not to fear, because that’s what happens to pretty mooch every single person in this awful, wretched, miserable stinker of a moovie, which also happens to be the latest ridiculous stink bomb that the MooCow has tormented his Indie Film Cafe friends with – check out our latest PODCAST EPISODE to hear the howls of rage and cowtempt over the Creeping Terror!



Aye chihuahua, where do you even begin with this moovie???  Sooo many bad elements in this feeble flick, there are too many to recownt – although some of the worst include the super cheesy sci fi fx, the painfully white moosic and dance numbers, and the fat old pre-porn man with pants up to his nipples calling out for BOBBY!!!.  Of course, there is the mangy old rug itself, which according to legend was a last-minute creation of the crew after the fx guy stole his monster suit back for non-payment by the director – check out The Creep Behind the Camera, an awesome documentary about the film by Pete Schuermann, to get even moore nuggets of info about this weird film!

In We Go – NOM NOM NOM!!!

WOW, it ain’t Neil Breen but seriously, this is 10 material if we’ve ever seen any!  And true to form, both the MooCow and a shell-shocked Lenore both awarded 10s to this massive stink bomb.  Mr. Moody, perhaps becoming a bit too L.A. Laid-back these days, could only see fit to award an 8.5, which is still pretty darn stinky – for a grand Stink Score of 28.5, and a Stink Average of 9.5.  Oh the humanity!


Wrap yer head around the trailer right HERE.  Moost sensible people will not want to waste their hard-earned weregeld on such a monstrosity, and will want to see it for free on the Tube of You.  You can see the awesome MST3K version on it for free as well.  But, cowllectors who can;t help themselves (like me) who just NEEEDS a physical copy can get the dvd from Sumogorilla and/or catch it on Amazon Prime.  To get a copy of the Creep Behind the Camera, go to DIABOLIK for the blu ray with the Creeping Terror, or go to AMAZON for the same.   The MooCow is positive that seeing the moovie on blu ray will enhance your experience immensely!

Redbubble has an awesome Creeping Terror sticker that you cud put on anything, and even an Sumsung Galaxy case skin for your phone.  They even have a whey kewl Creeping Terror Throw Pillow, which of course we all desperately need.  And, of course, they have is the Tee shirt and a tank top!  EBAY has this neat-o Creeping Terror magnet for your fridge, and a 3 dvd stink set along with some udder cheesy howlers.  Buy the MST3K digital version from Rifftrax!


If yer looking for a cheesy stinker to annoy and frustrate your friends and family during quarantine, well we’re here to tell you that the Creeping Terror is pretty moooch BRIE COUNTRY.  Enjoy!

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