Episode 23: Actium Maximus: War of the Alien Dinosaurs


Welcome to Season 2!!!  To get the new season off on jut the right foot, those wacky kids at Indie Film Cafe dug up a real stinker from the Land Down Udder – Actium Maximus: the War of the Alien Dinosaurs.  Well, it’s moore like the War of the Poorly Cowstructed, Unintelligible Puppets.  This massive cow flop was written, directed, produced, shot, and starred one Mark Hicks; originally it was meant to be an introduction to a science fiction tv series, but ended up being released by those nutsy guys at Troma (always the mark of quality) as a feature-length moovie, unintelligent puppets and all.

Rahhh, I’m a Dinosaur!  Or a Pancake Dripping with Syrup.  Or sumthin’…

So, there is this box evil box who rules the world called Actium who runs a huge puppet theater with dinosaurs with pointy rock people and a bunch of garbled voiced puppets who need moore huge critters, so they send out Mark Hicks into some galaxy where he finds a huge model spaceship with the interior of a modern battleship that turns out to be the corpse of a god, errr sumthin’, we honestly have no idea what the blazes is going on.  Suffice so say the whole herd nearly torn the spots off their backs trying to figure this one out – check out the Indie Film Cafe Season 2 Episode 1 podcast, and see if you can make heads or tails of things…

Rahhh, I’m a Box!  Or a Evil Robot Overlord.  Or sumthin’….

Wow.  First episode of Season 2, and we’ve already got 9.5s from both Moody and the MooCow. Just Jenn found out what was playing, and ran away and hid so she didn’t have to see it.  She’s the smart one of the group.  Our resident scientist Lenore had to suffer through it, and awarded Actium Maximus a 10 – her first score!  Anycow, first episode in the new season, and we’re already in the deep, deep end of the Stink Pool, and our average Stink Score is a 9.67!


A trailer?  Really?  You really wanna go there?  Fine, here’s your trailer of this dumpster fire, you freak!  And for you serious masochists out there, you can buy this flick, on a double shot dvd with Star Worms II, right from Troma Films itself HERE.  You can also buy it on Amazon.  Somecow there is even a fan page on the Facebook.  If yer dying to hear the snazzy moosic from the film (and who isn’t?), as well as pictures, check this VIDEO out on Youtube.  Get yourself a spoon and suck up every last tiny morsel of stink…

Really, you BOUGHT this film???!!!???

Well, don’t say you weren’t warned!  And tune in next episode of Season 2 of Indie Film Cafe: we can;t promise you moore garbled dinosaur puppets, but we will find something stinky to tickle your funnybone…



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