Episode 24: The Karaoke Kid


Welcome, my friends, back to the Seaververse, where we al well and truly belong.  Yep, Indie Film Cafe is back with an-udder Low Budget Pictures joint up in yer grill, and while there is no Teen Ape, Mulva, or even a Bonejack to be had there is still the man himself, Chris Seaver, and that, my friends, means wacky shenanigans of the moost cromulent kind.  Young, erstwhile AJ Stubbone (Sean Green) mooves to Wellsville and meets the snuggly Becky Nippleton (Heather Maxon), and is forced to fight a MULLET-WEARING KARAOKE BULLY (as you do) named Ricky the Gooch (Johnny Lawrence), but only after he becomes the titular character, with a little help from the Teen Ape guy (Casey Bowker) and John Stamos.  And its as ridiculous and fun and over the top and full of potty humor as you might expect from the Seaverage.  Check out Indie Film Cafe’s second podcast episode of Season 2 to hear our thoughts!


This one is tough to find, friends, because, as it is about karaoke, and therefore full of cheesy moosic, LBP made the flick in 2005 without securing the rights to said moosic (because, you know, monies…), and so it was never released – in fact, its not even on Seaver’s IMDB page, its as though it never existed!  But the MooCow is here to tell you that this flick does indeed exist, and if yer really lucky you might be able to get a copy from the man himself, Chris Seaver, ’cause that’s about the only way you’ll see this silly 80’s parody.  Shame, because for those of you familiar with the Seaververse (and you all should be), this is kind of a watershed film for LBP as it is the first major lead roles for Green and Maxon, PLUS early roles for LBP regulars Jesse Ames and Josh Suire – in fact, this is ol’ Toblerone’s first moovie!  But be prepared, kids, there is an awful lot of Hall & Oats…  :=8P


Yeah, there is just whey too much singing…

To be honest, both of us have enjoyed other Chris Seaver moovies a bit moore than Karaoke Kid – but if you are a cowpletist, like us, you’ll wanna check it out anyway because it is ultimately worth it.  Besides, it has Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman in it too!  The MooCow awarded the moovie a solid 6.5, as did Miss Lenore, while Moody gave it a 7.0, for a total stink score of 20, and an average Stink Score of 6.67.


Well, for a moovie as rare as this yer not gonna find much out there by way of trailers – cowever, the wily MooCow did manage to find THIS on the Tube of You.  And we wish we cud bring you linkage to where you cud git yer hooves on a copy for your very own, but it ain’t gonna happen, kids, not for all the Teen Ape masks in Rochester.  But check out Seaver’s latest YouTube vids and grab some of his kewl Warlock Home Video moovies, they are totally worth it.

You should be so lucky to see this wacky film!

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