Episode 22: Thankskilling


Well, if yer looking for an evil killer turkey puppet moovie (and who isn’t), Thankskilling might be your go-to gobbler, ’cause this is one fowl flick that’s all meat AND a side of mashed potatoes!  Turkie stars as himself as the bad-pun spinning, sheriff-face wearing, Flashy-chopping, salad-tossing turkey puppet avenger, out to kill a bunch of the dopiest false teenagers in the ‘burbs!  This is one weird and wonderful stinkbomb, folks – check out the Season 1 Finale of Indie Film Cafe to see who flew the coop, and who demanded seconds!


Soooo, let’s see, there’s murder, of course, including fog-murder, urination, pointless boobery, joke repetition, turkey puppet rape, attempted turkey butt molestation, some fake turkey turds on a chest, a floating roast turkey animated sticker, a truly awkward coffee scene between a turkey puppet and a guy dressed as a turkey, a schmarmy bro-love song, and a turkey wearing a human face as a mask with rope tied around it – and no one recognizes him.  This moovie is nothing if not stunning in its verisimilitude.

Dude, don’t eat that…

Well this moovie helped Season 1 go out with a bang!  Jenn and Moody cudn’t help themselves but give scores of 9.5 on the Stinkometer, while the MooCow was a tad moore generous with a score of 9, giving Thankskilling a whopping 28 Stink Score!  That’s right there with Birdemic – it moost be a bird thing!

Stinky Score 9

Enjoy the trailerage HERE.  Watch it on the Tube of You HERE, or git yer hooves on copy at Amazon.  Or splurge and get the combo pack of Thankskilling and Thankskilling 3, the Complete Collection, also at Amazon – and OHHH YESSSS, we will be covering Thankskilling 3 in the very near future!  And remember, all this whackadoodle fun comes from the mind of Director Jordan Downey – check out his Mandatory interview HERE.  And, there’s now a musical, because of course there is!  Finally, you can get yer very own tee shirt of Turkie right HERE, because why on earth would you not??

Well, that’s it for Season 1, we’ll have a short wrap-up episode to discuss what we’ve learned this year, and maybe drop a hint or two about what’s to come for Season 2 in 2019 – so check us out at PodBean to see what fowl gobbler we’ve seen next!


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