Episode 134: Reptoids Walk Among Us (2011)

Hey everyone… its Jonathan Moody back again. This time to chat about the 2011 film Reptoids walk among us (AKA Invasion of the Reptoids). I knew I wanted to show this movie to Paul but I thought who else might like this… so we did something we don’t do as much anymore which is I got 2 more guests for the show. I got Liz Fletcher who has joined us for a bunch of reviews and John Ward who has as well. Check out the new episode HERE!!


The story of this can be summed up from IMDB:

Aliens invade and terrorize a small town. Why do some of the townspeople seem to know more then they should about the aliens? And what secrets are the military hiding?

Yep… that’s the story in a nutshell but man oh man is way more than that. Well not way more but a little more. The version we say (Walk among us) is actually a different cut of the film that was on Tubi. Which was pretty cool that there’s two versions out there. Paul will later tell you how to find both versions.

Let’s talk about this epic cast….

What I was so excited about was the late great Conrad Brooks was in the film. Conrad is easily one of our favorite actors that pop up on Indie Film Cafe. Conrad just went with the (script?) of the film and had a blast playing his crazy role as a Hunter. His scenes almost are so ridiculous you could probably make a whole movie about his character.

Oh kitty, yer litter box is stinky, but still better than an Ed Wood movie!

Also joining this crazy story is veteran B movie actor George Stover as the Sheriff. You can always tell he gives 100 percent. He’s one of those actors that whenever I see his name pop up I get super excited. Him and I even talked once about working together. Sadly that project never happened but I would love to work with him someday.

And another actor that rounds this crazy cast is the great late John Link. Yes, John Link, this wacky character actor who I’ve adored. He always plays crazy people and honestly most of the time I can’t tell if its acting or not. Hopefully just acting. He just has a unique voice and look to him. You don’t find actors like John Link anymore.

U know its gonna be a DAY when you find John Link in yer basement with a weapon…

And if John Link is there more than likely Edward X Young will be there as well. And man does Edward pop up in some of the craziest movies as well. I’ve admired Edward as an actor for a long time. So I was stoked to see him in this movie. Hell I was happy to see all 4 of these actors in this one movie.

Writer/Director Ted Moehring does as great of a job helming this type of project as he can. It’s sort of a simple idea which is great for indie projects. You don’t want a movie to complicated that might turn off an audience. I get annoyed by movie that I can’t understand. For the most part this was a fairly easy movie to follow.

Why don’t you try some of our tasty alien lemon curd, its soooo sweet!

I don’t want to say much since this movie is available on Tubi and you can watch it for free but I will say that even though it is a little bit of stink to it… I mean it’s a b movie premise that sounds straight out of a 50s movie… that it’s actually a film I want to own and it is a film I’d watch more than once. And to me that’s a big thing to say. Not a lot of indie films sometimes I’ll watch more than once.

Hooooo-daddy, dat’s one of them there outer space shipts!

Well the scores are in and it’s pretty medium on the stink scale. I gave it a 7, Liz gave it a 8.5 (which was higher than I expected), and John Ward gave it a 5. Paul gave it an 8.5 as well but his score didn’t count since we had 4 people. We were only able to have 3 and we wanted both of our guests to have a score. The total is an 18.5, which ties it with CHUD 2: Bud the Chud. And it makes a Stinky Average of 6.2.

Anyway that was Reptoids Walk Among Us. An enjoyable film that I hope you all get to check out. Next one up is one of Paul’s, and then back to me talking about one of the special guest episodes. It’s been a pretty easy start to Season 6. But until next time here is the MooCow to tell you how to find this flick… Take it away Paul…

Moo everyone! Well, I cudn’t seem to find a trailer anywhere, but I did find a trailer for the shorter variant Invasion of the Reptoids on Youtube. The good news is you can find this slinky stinker in a lotta places, including Youtube and Tubi! And good old Count Gore de Vol has it on Vimeo! Sadly, there are actual real people who believe in this stuff… :=8/ You can git yer hooves on a DVD copy of this flick, cowbined with an udder Conrad Brooks film Zombie on the Loose, from Amazon – and you can also get the film’s soundtrack on Amazon. You can find the moovie combo for re-sale at Ebay too. Sadly there are no posters, tee shirts, or coffee mugs for this flick – Hay, Ted Moehring, let’s crank out some merch for this baby for the fans! :=8D

Reptoids Reptoids We Want Reptoids!!! Bring your hair dryer! :=8D

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