Episode 133: Rock and Roll Wrestling Women VS The Aztec Mummy (1964/1986)

Welcome, cats and kitties, to an-udder episode of Indie Film Cafe, and THIS time da MooCow has something extra special for ya! He’s been waiting since Season 1 to bring out this classic Mexican Wrestling horror stinker special Rhino re-release that ONLY ever came out in VHS form, so if you didn’t snatch it up back in the day you missed out! Fortunately for you, the kids at Indie Film Cafe are here to make sure this wackadoodle stinker from South of the Border doesn’t fade away into obscurity. Join Moody, the MooCow, and of course the Long Suffering Just Jenn, as the latest fun episode examines the RED HOT WESTLIN’ REBEL ROUSIN’ Rock ‘N Roll Wrestling Women VS the Aztec Mummy!!!! :=8D

Tights and High Beams!!! :=8D

So yeah, this is the special 1986 Rhino re-release of the classic 1964 Mexican stinker Wrestling Women VS the Aztec Mummy, except with added dialogue and new songs from rockabilly moosic star Johnny Legend! Check out his bio on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website! Now, the regular version of this classic flick is just that: a B moovie classic! But the extra dialogue and kewl rockabilly tunage in this version just brings this moovie to a whole new level of fun – AND you get to see the MooCow’s FAVORITE ladies from wayyyy back in the day: Gloria Venus and the Golden Ruby!!! PLUS Popoca, the slowest mummy on the planet! What moore cud you want?? :=8D

RAHHHH!!!!! I’m really slow!

This is a Luchadora film, a sub-sub genre of Mexican horror/wrestling mash-ups that were popular in the 60’s featureing female wrestlers, and it by far the MooCow’s personal favorite! Gloria Venus is played by the legendary Mexican actress Lorena Velazquez, whom we featured previously in the Season 4 IFC episode with Ship of Monsters! She was in a ton of stuff back in the day, and she was always mooovelous! And here she is teamed up with lost legend Elizabeth Campbell, the tall, beautiful Anglo actress who played the Golden Ruby in several Luchadora films, and a bunch of udders throughout the 60’s – sadly, she seems to have vanished from public view after 1970, but the MooCow hopes one day he will discover all about her life after that point because he is cowpletely obsessed! And if you LOVE the wonderful world of Luchadore/Luchadora flicks like the MooCow, you need to check out Grimoire of Horror to learn all about it! Scary Studies has a great site with loads of info too!

Who wants the wish bone??

Of course, this is our famous BEEP episode, so get ready for some of that. And our scores are in! As expected, the MooCow loved this wacky flick a bit moore than the udders, giving it a 3.5, while Moody went with an even 4, and Just Jenn followed with a 6, giving the Rock & Roll Wrestling Women VS the Aztec Mummy a Total Stink Score of 13.5, which is a Stinky Average of 4.5! That’s a pretty good score, and on the Ladder of Stink this film slides into a tie with Vampire’s Kiss.

In Aztec times Clamato came in some very weird cowtainers…

While there is no trailer for the 1986 Rhino re-release, there is a nice one for the 1964 regular version of the film HERE. And some kind soul uploaded the whole film in the English dub on Youtube right HERE. The regular Rhino re-release is also on Youtube right HERE, which has the wonderful Johnny Legend soundtrack featuring the theme song and such cuts as “Headlocks and Hard Knocks”, and “We Wanna Be Wrestling Women” – someday the MooCow will upload these precious, wonderful songs because they are super fun!!! And of course we will also cover the almoost as wonderful Rock & Roll Wrestling Women VS the Aztec Ape some time in the future, as well as some of the udder Luchadora flicks (especially She Wolves of the Wrestling Ring!) because they are all simply awesome, so stay tuned! in the meanwhile, good luck finding the Rhino version, it is wayyyyyy out of print, and the last time the MooCow pestered…errr, politely asked the Rhino folks about it but they have no plans to release their version on either DVD or Blu ray, unfortunately. Every now and then it will pop up on Ebay, though it aint cheap. The regular version of this film is finally out all over the place, and you can get both the DVD or the Blu ray as part of the Aztec Mummy Cowllection there! The MooCow DID manage to find a tee shirt featuring the Rock & Roll Rhiver version of the film at the Tee Flavors store on Etsy, so check it out!

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