Episode 132: Shark Exorcist (2015)

Jonathan Moody back again! This time we started to do something a bit different. We introduced a guest who would pick a movie for us and another guest to do. And so of course I asked a guest who’s been on the show multiple times and knew what to pick…. Jackey Hall! She decided to ask a friend of hers that has never been on the show before Jeffrey Waller to come on. This was a lot of fun. But of course she had to pick a movie directed by someone she’s worked with and who also gave her her start in the business… Donald Farmer and his 2015 shark flick, “Shark Exorcist”. 

I am just going to tell you the plot synopsis from IMDB just to give you an idea of what this “story” is about: 

A demonic nun unleashes holy hell when she summons the devil to possess a great white shark.

Yep that’s pretty much the story in a nut shell. The film is utterly ridiculous and bat shit crazy. But that’s the kind of movies we like at Indie Film Cafe. Jackey knew by picking that movie Donald himself sort of understands how Jackey and some people really think. I mean the movie is called Shark Exorcist. You should know what you are getting yourself in to.

The Power of Crap Compels Thee!

If you haven’t seen Donald Farmer’s general work like Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Bigfoot Exorcist, or Cannibal Hookers we urge you to go out and watch them. At Indie Film Cafe we encourage stinky movies. We might even say this is a movie to avoid but if you’re one of us you’re gonna watch it no matter what we tell you. 

This movie doesn’t have just one group of characters. Its almost like a slasher where there are different groups and they all start getting killed one by one. But instead of a guy in a mask its a CGI shark. Yep you heard it right a terrible looking CGI demon shark is going around possessing everybody. Anytime you think that’s the lead character (or the final girl)… they get possessed and start a killing spree because of the shark.

RAAAAA!!! Imma evil shark!!!

Once again the word ridiculous can be used. And for good reason. I enjoyed how campy and bad it was and I really enjoyed chatting with Jackey about it, considering she’s worked with Donald and knows all about the type of stuff he does for his films – including not asking for per mission and shooting in a park. He also did a few things we found a bit cringy. There was a scene involving a teenage girl that we weren’t sure what was her deal. But that’s Donald for you… finding anyone he can to play a part no matter who they are. 

It’s funny when Jackey picked this film out of all films to do I laughed because I do remember her being asked to be in it and she hadn’t acted in a while so she of course turned it down. However I think she’s pretty okay with that decision. Donald Farmer knows how to get a movie out. And how to get people attracted to an idea. Just the name Shark Exorcist…. Say someone like the SYFY channel produced it it would be an entirely different film. Donald Farmer is a one of a kind filmmaker. You just don’t make filmmakers like him anymore. 

The last thing I will say before I bring on the scores is that this film has been reviewed by different top tier You Tube film channels like Red Letter Media, Blood Bath And Beyond, Elvis the Alien, When Bad Movies Attack, and many others. Go on You Tube and just see the other reviews people have said about this flick. I’m sure it will give you an idea of what to expect.

The REAL reason these moovies get made… ;=8)

The scores are in… And wow it is a resounding 10 Plus. The second 10 plus we’ve gotten since Miss Werewolf. And that’s high accomplishment. Paul thought he was the only one who could bring on a 10 Plus, and maybe Paul might not agree but I would say this is a 10 plus. I mean Paul didn’t even want to be on this episode bc he didn’t want to have to watch it again. That should say something. I didn’t really want to write this review. That should say something too! Haha. Anyway that puts it even above the likes of Fateful Findings, Twisted Pair, Zombie Cop, Lycan Colony, and like 12 other flicks. This is a breakout start to the season. Will it continue???

Anyway that’s pretty much it on my end. I will be back after Paul’s episode with 2 more coming up. Until then though here is the MooCow who will tell you where to find it. Take it away Paul… 

Yeeesh, we love ya Donald Farmer, but this moovie…hoo boy! Ancow, here is a sharky trailer for ya! And on Youtube you can watch it for both Freeby and the Bean. Is on Tubi as well. Git yer hooves on the DVD from Amazon! Or head on over to Wild Eye Releasing, a place you’ll wanna go to anycow to moosey through all their wonderful, goofy-ass stuff, and buy if there! Is also floating around at Walmart. You can also find it at re-sale at places like Ebay. Redbubble has a fun, cool poster you should get! They also has stickers and a kewl tee-shirt! They gots a second Tee as well, and magnets! Download the fun poster at Traileraddict.com! Look HERE for a kewl Japanese tee shirt of the film! There is even an Action Figure! TeePublic.com has a sweeeet coffee mug with the poster, so you can sip yer moorning Joe and cowtemplate the awesomeness that is Shark Exorcist!

Cute, but seriously needs a dentist…

Oh, by the way, kiddies, have we mentioned that there is a SEQUEL swimming about? Don’t go back into that Tennessee lake too soon!

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