Episode 112: The Janitor (2003)

Hey everyone… Jonathan Moody here. And boy were we in for a treat here at Indie Film Cafe. Back in 2006, I had started a podcast called The Independent Corner; it was my first introduction in to the world of podcasting, and it led to many many great things happening. Two of the people I had on my show were Andy Signore and TJ Nordaker: both together made a movie called, “The Janitor” in 2003! I picked this movie which I was planning to save for Season 6 (however another DVD didn’t work) so I had to improvise and I chose “The Janitor” – mainly because G Larry Butler (who is a friend & fellow co-host of Indie Film Cafe) AND Uncle Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma) are in it, and because Joe Turek was our special guest. Paul, Joe, and I worked with Larry so we were excited to review the film. Well what did we all think… listen to the latest podcast episode, and find out! And make sure you watch the movie first cause there’s about to be a few spoilers in this blog.

Andy Signore plays Lionel, a down-on-his-luck custodian who wants more with his life. When he is treated like crap and literally pissed on, and then he starts to take out his rage on fellow co workers. The body count begins to rise, so the dimwitted Agent Page (Skip Pipo) is called in to investigate. All the while Lionel is falling in love with a co-worker named Hilary (Fiona McIntyre), who has no interest in him. When he is rudely left waiting for her on a date, that’s when he ups his murders. All the while his best friend and mentor Mr. Cornelious Growbo (Bruce Cronander) is trying his best to calm him down; of course, it’s not working. Things seem bleak for poor Lionel but then he gets asked to interview for a sorority house. He’s packing up, and Mr. Growbo wants to come with. However Lionel wants to do this alone. Mr. Growbo tells him to expect vengeance from him, and vengeance is in place. Things get worse when Mr. Growbo gets the job and not Lionel. Now its up to Lionel and his new janitorial partner Willis (John Carreon) to take down Growbo once and for all. But will they or will Mr. Growbo be victorious?

Other characters throughout the movie that stood out was Mary (the not-so-virgin office slut, played wonderfully by Crystal LeBard): I think she won over the MooCow’s heart. Also there was G Larry Butler as Mr. Bouillabaisse. He was a way too interested in STDs for someone in a regular office setting, but hey everyone’s gotta have a hobby. We really loved Lloyd Kaufman as the pesky homeless guy who Lionel keeps cutting off his arms. Of course, Lloyd had to put Troma stickers and banners all over his sleeping area next to the dumpsters. 

The Janitor was a lot more fun for Paul and me: I think the gross-out gags and everything wasn’t really up to Joe’s type of humor. We shouldn’t ever show him Geek Maggot Bingo… wait we already did. Okay, that was worse. This one though I had a few gross-out gags, usually involving semen and other bodily fluids. Still it was filmed really well, directed well, and acted pretty well (some of the acting being over-acting, but that is sort of par for the course in this type of flick).  The movie was zany and silly! Exactly what you hope to find at Indie Film Cafe.

And the scores are in…. As I said before Joe was not as a big on the gross out gags as Paul and I are. Maybe we gotta make him watch a Troma movie, like a hardcore one. He’s gotta see that there is definitely ones grosser than this movie. But he gave it a 7.5, which shocked Paul and I. We were thinking lower cause we both gave it a 4. But man, if you listen to the podcast you will hear why Joe gave it such a high stink score. Making the Total Stink Score to be a 15.5, which isn’t too high on the Ladder of Stink. It’s actually tied with Stiff Jobs, so that does give you an idea of what to expect. That’s a Stinky Average of 5.2.

Anyway thank you all for checking this out… The MooCow’s gonna show you where you can get it!

Moo everyone! So the official trailer is right HERE. Snap up the DVD at ol’ Uncle Amazon. It also pops up from time to time on Ebay. In theory you can kind of rent the DVD from Netflix but I dunno… Check out the moovie page on Facebook! And its plugged by Howard Stern, if that does anything for you. You can get the digital of the moovie poster at Movieposterdb.com and Cinematerial.com. And while I was unable to find a moovie-related tee shirt or mug, you can get THIS kewl janitorial mug for your Joe to stay in spirit! if you dug the soundtrack, check it out HERE, which shows cow you can download the individual songs. Flick Attack has a nice write up HERE.

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