Episode 109: Busted (1997)

Hey everyone it’s Jonathan Moody back again for another blog here about one of the movies I picked. And when I was younger or so I was at my local video store and I saw a movie there called, “Busted” starring Corey Feldman. However I never rented it. It wasn’t til years later when I came across it again looking for terrible movies. Busted was one of them people seemed to really hate on and I wanted to know why – but now it was harder to find. I found it on You Tube one day and checked it out: it was just as bad as they say, so of course I had to buy it. And it was a bit more expensive than I wanted (However now you can actually find it at Dollar Tree with a bunch of other flicks).

Anyhoo… I decided who would be better to review this movie than two women who hate nudity in films… Samantha Marie (who was a first time guest on Indie Film Cafe but is my co host for Horror, Blood, And Coffee) and Jackey Hall (who has been on the show a few times).  Check out the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe!

The “Story” if you can call it that is about a group of cops who take hookers and pimp then out so they don’t have to keep arresting them. Meanwhile a peeping tom is out there. And they are being looked at for being a terrible precinct. It’s basically Police Academy if Police Academy was one of the dumbest movies alive. The jokes are like 12 year olds wrote them. Very much in the vain of films like Naked Gun, Airplane!, and all those other Zucker brothers type parodies. But it’s not really a parody. Just cheap jokes. Worst of all was the J Walking cringe-y joke. 

Corey Haim is in the movie for maybe 5 minutes or less and of course they have him on the cover of the DVD trying to get everyone to buy it because of his involvement. Sadly he didn’t want to be in the movie for very long because cast in the film was a predator. It made for quite an awkward time on set I’m sure. 

The 12 year old writing was very noticeable with how much nudity was in it. Just lots of random nudity that had nothing to do with the flick except to give you some T&A. Normally I’d be okay with that because it at least had something to go for it but even then it just felt in your face with no point whatsoever. I was so glad I did not watch the movie with Sam and Jackey or they would have been trying to attack me for it for putting them up for it. 

This podcast was pretty cool though because of one really awesome thing. Samantha chats with Corey Feldman from time to time on Instagram and hit him up about it. And after asking why in God’s name would we be reviewing that movie he did give us some information we were not privy to. So if you get a chance to listen to this podcast please do but understand… not a lot is talked about on the film as much as going off the rails and talking about other stuff. Sometimes we dive a bit deeper in to it but really no one wanted to discuss the movie because we all hated it. 

With that being said the scores are in and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what the scores are…. And I can just say everyone gave it an unanimous 10’s all around, giving us another 30 for the season, with a Stinky Average of 10.0. Since we have 1 extra episode per month this season has gotten quite a few 30s; I wouldn’t expect anything less from the fifth season. Which puts it on the Ladder of Stink next to the likes of Fateful Findings, Zombie Cop, Miss Werewolf (Which technically got a 30 plus), and more. 

Well thank you all or checking out my review and now Paul is gonna take it away and tell you how you can get your little hooves on this flick… Take it away Paul! 

Well, firstly here is the TRAILER of the moovie, which you can also see in its entirety on Youtube. You can git yer hooves on the dvd from Amazon, or in the re-sale market from places like Ebay. RetroRhythmMedia.com has it too. It is streaming on Amazon as well – I very seriously doubt this will ever see a blu ray release. BUT, if you love the moovie poster then I has good news because you can download it from Cinematerial.com! The digital is also at Movieposterdb.com. That’s about it as far as moovie swag goes, but if you want to go down a Busted rabbit hole then check out the film’s very own Reddit page. Also OCPCommunications does a video rant of the film, if yer a cowpletist.

Oh cow the mighty Coreys have fallen – but tune in next episode for an-udder episode of Indie Film Cafe, and who the heck knows what flaccid flick will show up next??

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