Episode 108: C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud (1989)

Speaking of unfunny crappy rip-off moovies, well we have CHUD II: Bud the CHUD, a brainless zombie ‘horror-comedy’ from 1989 which is sadly lacking in both.  :=8P But WAIT, there’s gonna be a dust-up down here in Indie Film Café studios, because it turns out SOME folks actually enjoyed watching this festering pile of cow flops, and hoo-boy is that gonna make for a discussion!  Jeremiah Morehouse returns to join the MooCow and Moody – check out the latest episode of Indie Film Café to see cow this episode wraps up!

This in-name only sequel stink bomb to the modestly successful original C.H.U.D. flick about a group of cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers (CHUDs!) doesn’t actually feature any in this film. Instead we have a single weaksauce dead guy nicknamed Bud who gets stolen from a ‘secure’ Army medical lab by some dopey teens, only to revitalize and cause ‘fun’ shenanigans as he bites his way through town and cause udder new zombies to appear; and of course the even stupider adults can’t keep up. Fans of the original moovie will note this is NOT cow it worked in the first film, since Bud is really a cheap unfunny zombie with a virus bite that will transform udders into zombies – the standard zombie trope established by Night of the Living Dead. Only in this one we have a cast of moostly washed up B-moovie actors and very minor celebs tossed in to make it seem wacky, but its moostly just dull and unfunny. This CHUD is a DUD!!!

The MooCow remembers well when this came out, and cow irritated he was at feeling ripped off – especially since the video art PROMISED actual C.H.U.D.s, and we got nothing of the sort. Like Tiny Tim, he felt this was just small and weak and pathetic and grossly unfunny – cowever, the MooCow seems to be in the minority opinion! DON’T GET ME STARTED!!!

It was written and directed by David Irving, who was moostly noted for kiddie moovies and Disney bull-stuff, which probably explains the juvenile sense of humor. The horrifically mulletted Brian Robbins (Full House, Kids Incorporated, Growing Pains) is the star, who later went on to become head of Nickelodeon, AwesomenessTV, and finally head of Paramount Pictures – because, you know, mullet power. Robert Vaughn, at the tail end of his career, shows up, as does Larry Cedar, Jack Riley, June Lockhart, Larry Linville, Norman Fell, Sandra Kerns, Priscilla Pointer, Bianca Jagger, and Gerrit Graham as the titular Bud. The sharp-eyed will spot Robert Englund slinking away in shame for a brief mooment, probably trying to get his agent to change his bi-line to Allen Smithee. Just dumb bad forced comedy masquerading as a horror film.

Ok, the scores are in, and they are something – the MooCow and special guest Jeremiah Morehouse went with 8.5 and 8.0, respectively, while an annoyed Moody loved the stinky charms of this flick and awarded a 2.0 – personally I just think he has mullet envy. Anycow, that’s a total Stink Score of 18.5, and a Stinky Average of 6.2, putting Bud the Chud on the Ladder of Stink just below Bigfoot Wars, and just above Haggard and Airborne.

We got a trailer for you HERE. You can rent it on Youtube, if you really want to. Its on Prime Video too – and you can buy the dvd from Amazon, but it won’t be cheap. They also have it on vhs and blu ray (inexplicably). You can also pick up the blu ray at WallyWorld, and in the re-sale market on Ebay. Pick up the false advertising poster on Amazon and get the digital at Moviepostershop.com. TeePublic has 2 styles of tee shirts on offer for you, one with a still of Bud from the moovie on tees, hoodies, mugs, labels, and one with a cartoony image of Bud on tees’, hoodies, masks, and mugs that says yum yum yum. Mehhh. Tshirtczar.com has an alternative poster tee as well. The entire soundtrack is on Discogs, or buy it at Bandcamp. Buy the vinyl at Amazon.

Well, that about wraps it for this episode, and none too soon! Check back later for something new and stinky here at Indie Film Cafe!

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