Episode 107: Pirates: Quest for Snake Island (2009)

Ello Mateys… Arghhh you all ready…. Jonathan Moody here to talk about another movie I did without Paul. There’s been a few this season so far, and it gives Paul a bit of a break which he is most (or moost whichever you wanna go with) grateful for. In this episode I suckered two guests that have been on the podcast before but not together…. Colleen Tidd (Who you may remember from the Robowoman episode) and Jeremiah Morehouse (Who had done Deadly Prey with Sarah Adkins and me). This time I wanted to show a movie that I had only known about through trailers but had not seen before this podcast. It’s the Brett Kelly Canadian Pirate flick, “Pirates: Quest For Snake Island” and boy did we have a fun new show!

Sure this movie was independently made with sets that looked like just historical buildings they got permission (or maybe not) to use. It looked like a bunch of friends who wanted to make a pirate movie together. I mean it was 2009… Pirates of the Caribbean was still pretty hot then, wasn’t it? Brett Kelly is the main star of the film. Also the writer-director-producer. Usually you think of that as a vanity project but honestly this really wasn’t one. Brett’s character Blackjack Cutter is such a silly buffoon. Making childish decisions and gestures. He’s not one to just always win everything he does to show how amazing he is. For most of the movie you actually wonder if he’ll win in the end. 

One thing that really disappoints me and others is the lack of actual snakes in the movie Snake Island, and that is discussed. I mean something called Snake Island you’d think the place was crawling with them! But you know most of it is probably someone’s backyard! Of course what they lack in budget they make up for in silliness. Don’t get me wrong this is not a comedy but it has comedic elements, and it’s quite enjoyable. With only 76 minute running time the movie is a quick breeze to watch. And you can tell all the actors were having fun in the roles that they were given. 

If you want to hear more about our feelings on this flick please listen to the review. And watch the flick yourself if you haven’t yet. 

And the scores are in… Jeremiah Morehouse and myself both gave it a 4, while Colleen went with a 3: she enjoyed it even more than we did. Giving it a nice total Stink Score of 11, which is fairly low, and ranks it with The Giant Spider on the Ladder of Stink. Not bad for a pirate flick, eh? 

Well now’s the fun time where Paul is gonna tell you all where to find this fun little movie! Take it away Paul… 

Well, for starters, you can see the trailer HERE. Seek ye Tubi to see it for free! The moovie has slithered its way onto Amazon Prime, if you;d like to watch it there. It is also on Google Play. Uncle Amazon also has a few dvd copies left too. You can also pick up a fairly cheap copy for re-sale on Ebay. Grab a digital copy of the poster on Cinematerial.com! That’s about it for the schwag, but they did cover this flick on No-Budget Nightmares!

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