Episode 106: Knights of the City (1986)

Hey everybody!!! Jonathan Moody here again for another blog about the movie we reviewed. This time I was joined by two of my close friends who both have been on IFC separately but now they are on it together for the first time… John Ward and Madeline Deering. And boy did I show them something I don’t think they were expecting. Check out the latest Indie Film Cafe episode and see what we mean!

Knights of the City is pure 80s: The Warriors meets Flashdance, as I saw it called, and that is seriously the best way to describe it. A street gang made of some of the weirdest mix of people are arrested by the police (who apparently are in cahoots with another rival gang). In jail they start randomly rapping and oh my God is it glorious. Their rapping catches the ears of a drunk record producer who is looking for their next big hit. He tells them to come talk to him about a record deal.

Next morning the gang of rappers show up but he’s not available so they leave without giving their contact info. So the daughter of the record producer holds a contest to try and get them to come out. Which they do. The leader of the gang falls in love with the record producer’s daughter leaving his girlfriend behind and she leaves to go with the rival gang.

Lots of wackiness ensues and well you will either have to watch the movie or listen to our podcast to find out what else happens. Let’s just say you won’t really see the ending coming because it’s so out of left field and weird. In my humble opinion this was my type of 80s schlock. And it was way more exciting than a lot of the crap we usually see.

The acting was nothing necessarily to write home about but it wasn’t laughably bad either. The direction was just as good. I was pleasantly surprised by what they were able to do at most likely a small budget. And the writing was pretty damn spot on for an indie musical. Even some of the music was catchy! Def. had Madeline and I singing along (MooCow note: I would have been roasting in hell…).

So the scores were in and as you can expect Madeline and I gave it a really low score. I gave it a 3 and Madeline gave it a 3.5. While John Ward absolutely hated it and ripped it apart. He gave it a 10. Which makes this review very polarizing and shocking. I was not expecting John Ward to give it that – hell he gave Alien Beasts a 5! That means he’d rather watch Alien Beasts again than this movie. Haha! That gives Knights of the City a total Stink Score of 16.5, and a Stinky Average of 5.5.

Well now I turn it over to Paul who is going to tell you how you can get this flick!
Yo, dig the trailer homeboy! And you can find this joint for free on Youtube! Good luck finding a physical copy these days, its not even on Amazon! Copies do pop up from time to time on Ebay, so keep yer globes peeled. You can buy a non-USA region copy from the jolly ol’ UK at TwistedDanger.com, good luck getting it to work here unless you have a region free dvd or blu ray player. Check out the soundtrack, if you dare.

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