Episode 104: Taoism Drunkard (1984)

AKA Drunken Wu Tang! Welcome to a batshit crazy, over the top chop socky moovie from the Yuen Clan that has to be seen to be believed! AKA Drunken Wu Tang and Miracle Fighters 3, and featuring the infamous, moovelous, has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed Watermelon Monster!!! Buckle up, Buckos, and git ready for the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe, where Moody, the MooCow, and special guest Co-Host Jolynn are amazed and cowfounded by this wackadoodle flick!

So, poor Ratface (who drives a foot-pedaled rat mobile!) is drunk, as usual, and damages his brother’s temple statue – and since his brother is the head priest, he orders Ratface to…ummmm…find a ‘Cherry Boy’ as on offering to the gods, not as a sacrifice, but to do some odd little dance to appease the gods, you know, as you do. So, off he goes on an epic adventure which leads to, among udder things, the aforementioned Cherry Boy (after auditioning a few children, some of which pull their pants down for him!!!), Granny (a Taoist witch, played by the same actor as Ratface, but with a deep voice), Old Devil/Master Ruthless (the villain of the moovie), his henchmen, including a flying scarf-wielding Princess/Starry Devil, Turtle Man and Fatty, a host of ghosts, goofs, and the infamous Watermelon Monster – plus a whole lotta chop socky action that kind of gets buried because yer spending so mooch time laughing at the wild antics you see on screen!

This is the third, and unfortunately the last, in the series of Miracle Fighters moovies made by the Yuen Clan, named after Simon Yuen who played Jackie Chan‘s teacher in the Kung Fu classic Drunken Master (1978). in a very amooosing subplot, Sugar Plumb, sister of Cherry Boy’s girl friend Shiu Fang, is advised by a “ghost” (actually Shiu Fang!) that she has to marry Ratface if she wants to be happy, and so moooch to Ratface’s chagrin she spends the moovie chasing after him while all the fighting is going on. If you can’t keep up with everything going on in the narrative, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, just watching the wackadoodle antics on stage is entertainment enough for 5 standard chop socky films – and just wait ’til you see that Watermelon Monster!!!

Wow, everyone was amazed by this one, and it really generated some low scores! Moody went with a 2, the MooCow a 1, and Jo awarded the film a 3, giving Taoism Drunkard AKA Drunken Wu Tang a very respectable Stink Score of 6, which is a Stinky Average of 2 – on the Ladder of Stink this film ties Gamebox 1.0 with the lowest score on IFC! Viva Yuen Clan!!! :=8D

Check out the over the top trailer right HERE. Oooofta, this one is a hard one to find, you pretty mooch have to go overseas. But if yer willing to plop down a bit of scratch (and you SHOULD for this one!), then you can find the dvd at DVDPlanetStore.com, and in theory at least you can get an All Regions dvd right from Hong Kong from YESASIA.com – but I dunno what yer gonna get – someone buy one and let the MooCow know! You can download the digital version of the poster at MoviePosterDB.com as well as Cinematerial.com! That’s about it as far as swag goes for this film BUT legend has it that there is a 4th Miracle Fighter moovie out there, never released outside of Hong Kong, called Taoism Drunkard and the 14 Amazons – if anyone can get a line on this one the MooCow would be very interested indeed!

If you love Shaw Brothers flicks, you will really enjoy this Lo Wei production as a fun, insane alternative comedy Kung Fu flick that literally does not have a single dull mooment! Bucket List moovie you have to see before you die – GO FIND IT!!!

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