Episode 102: Wild World of Batwoman (1966)

Wild Bikini Girls on Happy Pills Thwart a Mad Doctor From Blowing Up the World With an Atomic Hearing Aid, er something like that, I don’t really know…

If you dare, join Moody, the MooCow, and special guest co-host Just Jenn (back for moore!) as they suffer – and I mean SUFFER! – through this ridiculous, wackadoodle flick on the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe! Oh god, so much dancing!!!

AKA: She Was a Hippy Vampire. No, she really wasn’t. :=8/

Oh the pain, the agony of this moovie. Truth be told, there really is no plot to this movie, just a bunch of scatterbrained beach bimbos, brain-dead masked villains, mad doctors with smarmy chimp-like assistants, and one creaky, dust-covered Batwoman (Katherine Victor), all ground together into one hopeless mish-mash of a movie. Legend has it that this movie was sued both by the Bat Man people (for obvious reasons) and by Ray Dennis Steckler – the villain is a masked doofus named Rat Fink, and it apparently ripped off the legendary Rat Pfink A Boo Boo. To say nothing of the TV series Bat Man!! A moovie that uses Rat Pfink A Boo Boo as it’s material source?!?!?!??? That does not bode well, and indeed, the film is an incomprehensible cow flop. Welcome to the Wild World of Jerry Warren indeed!

What dialogue can be made out is usually stupid and delivered with mind-numbing mono-tones. And let’s just forget the hopelessly racist and unfunny fake Chinese seance. Special effects include a hair dryer used as a gun and wrist watches used as 2 way radios. Oh, and the bad guy becomes 5 bad guys for a while, and the Mole People drop in for a while, there’s a jangly Whitest People Ever beach party, and the bikini girls dance lethargically in the background for no apparent reason, and I could go on and on and on, much like this movie does. Moost of these folks, including Bat Woman herself, end up on Warren’s even-worse stinker Frankenstein Island, against which this miserable floppage would be cowsidered Citizen Kane. For you MST3K fans, this is the infamous episode where poor Tom Servo looses his shit when the film refuses to end.

Well the scores are in, and suffice to say Wild World of Bawoman AKA She Was a Hippy Vampire got a pretty stinky score: The MooCow awarded a 9, and Just Jenn gave an 8, while Moody backed away from a 10 and settled with a 9, giving our feeble flick a total Stink Score of 26 – and that’s a Stink Average of 8.7! Pretty durn stinky, but then we have definitely smelled worse on this show! ;=8)

Check out the trailer HERE. And check out the moovie for free on the Tube of You! And definitely check out the hi-sterical MST3K version – pick up the dvd from good ol’ Uncle Amazon, or from Shout Factory.com! Get the standard version of the film on dvd from The Video Beat.com, or Sinister Cinema, or go the re-sale route with Ebay. You can get a copy of the wacky poster at MoviePosterShop.com or ArtHipo, or the B&W alternate poster at Cinematerial.com. For those of you with deep pockets, you can get an authentic 1966 poster for only $195.00 at Film/Art Gallery.com! Get the tee shirt at IDPoster.com, and some funny original Batwoman tee designs at HorrorFIlmTees.com. BTW, at IDPoster.com you can get all kinds of swag with the WWBW poster printed on it, from coffee mus to pillows, tote bags, magnets, face masks, hoodies, mouse pads, and even phone covers! Who wouldn’t love that?? :=8D

Go and check out the Wild World of Batwoman – you know you want to! ;=8)

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