Episode 101: Disaster Wars (2013)

Hey everybody welcome to the next episode of Indie Film Cafe! This is your buddy Jonathan Moody here once again to talk about this movie I picked for the fifth season! In this episode we had to ask Jackey Hall to come back. I don’t know why she agreed after having watched the abysmal flick Midget Zombie Takeover with us but she agreed to come back anyway! God bless her soul! 

For this episode I wanted to do, “Disaster Wars: Earthquake VS Tsunami” which I had remembered wasn’t nearly as bad as it actually was. Bad is a bad word for it.. boring is a better word. It’s a disaster movie where nothing really happens. I mean things happen (I guess) but we couldn’t understand half of it! 

Slowest tsunami and moost boring in history….

The Story was a mash of different disaster movie cliches all melted in to one sort of glob of boringness. The FX if you can even call them that were also very terrible. The problem with doing a low budget disaster movie is if you can’t afford really good CGI then you probably shouldn’t do it. That was not the case with these filmmakers.

With a cast like Joe Estevez (whom we do like a lot of his movies), Pricilla Barnes, Reggie Bannister, and even Shawn C Phillips (who I feel was wasted in the film) they couldn’t save this flick from being it’s own disaster! Jackey, Paul, and I watched it through zoom and I thought all 3 of us were going to fall asleep. It was that bad! But I admire the filmmakers for at least trying to put out an indie disaster movie! 

REAL scientists nail clipboards to the wall!

Well the scores are in, and it looks like I hated it the worst out of all 3 of us. I gave it a 10. Paul was a bit nicer with a 9. And Jackey has definitely seen worse films as she rated it a 7, giving the movie an 8.7 on the Stinkometer! There ya go! A total Stink Score of 26, which is the same score as Miami Connection. Weirdly enough, Miami Connection was the first 26 we had ever gotten on the show. So already we got 2 this year. Wonder how many more we’ll get? Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!

 Join us later for the next episode which will be the 100th episode and Paul will be talking about that one. Speaking of Paul here he is to tell you more about where you can find yourself a copy of Disaster Wars! 

MooCow here – well, if you really want to see Disaster Wars, aka Stormageddon, the trailer is HERE. And you can watch it for free on YOUTUBE. It also lurks on VUDU, Flixter, and also on Google Play. On Amazon you can stream it, buy the dvd, or the blu ray. Get ’em cheap on re-sale at Ebay. The poster, which might be the best thing about the moovie, can be found at Cinematerial.com. Download the digital at Goldposter.com. That’s about it for the merch and/or schwag, although the MooCow does have to admit that he loves the moovie’s tagline: Which ever one wins. We lose. Oh cow right you are, tag line!

Ugh, its been hours, is it ever going to get here???

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