Episode 100: Samurai Cop (1991)

Hey everybody welcome to Indie Film Cafe’s 100th episode (on the website) – its Jonathan Moody giving my blog! However this isn’t the actual 100th episode; that will come in 2 more episodes. This is the 100th on the website. Paul the Moo Cow kinda messed up on it. He blames Continuity Monkey though… shhh… we all know it was really T&A Monkey that screwed it all up, that funky monkey!

So since Paul was going to do the real 100th episode I got asked to do this one: and I wanted to pick a movie that’s very popular in its stink. I chose… Samurai Cop! And I had to pick a special guest that loves this movie so much, so I picked… Cayt Feinics! Cayt has been a special guest last year on Killer Biker Chicks. And I’m sure she will be back this year for some more as well.

I am Long Hair Punchy! He is Short Fro Shooty! Fear us!

This movie is utterly ridiculous! With a cop character with long hair (I don’t think that’s actually okayed in the police departments) and the actor after wrapping cut his hair so they had to get a silly wig. And the best part is you can see the wig in the same scenes as the regular hair. We go in to a good amount of detail in this episode. This has to be one of Cayt’s favorite’s movies. She was really having a ball chatting with us about everything. The characters, the story, the just plain nuttiness of this flick is so much worth watching.

This movie has been talked about on Rifftrax, Red Letter Media, Cinema Snob, pretty much every outlet. Generally movies like this would go on our Patreon Only site, but I figured since it will pop up saying Episode 100… it needs a classy movie! And this as classy as it comes! Stay tuned for the actual 100th episode that Paul picks because it’s going to be a fun one!

Well the scores are in and it looks like Paul and Jonathan both tied on giving it an 8.5 which is a big pile of stink, while Cayt loved this more and went lower giving it a 6. Making it a total of 23, and a Stinky Average of 7.7. That’s not too low but it ain’t too high either. Giving it the same score as Rollergator, Suburban Sasquatch, and Deadly Prey. Not too shabby on the Ladder of Stink!

Paul’s gonna tell you how you can get it!

Check out the official trailer HERE. Its streaming on the Tubi HERE. And you can check out the Rifftrax version on the Tube of You! DVDs of this flick are plentiful, and can be found on Amazon, including the Special Edition DVD! Is also at Walmart and Best Buy, and can be found re-sale on Ebay. Blu Ray versions can be purchased at Amazon, Best Buy, and Diabolikdvd.com. Redbubble has a pile of posters and tee shirts; there is also some fun stuff at Etsy! TeePublic.com has a bunch of tee shirts as well. Need a Samurai Cop coffee mug (who doesn’t??), go to NYVANE.com, Redbubble, and TeePublic! And yer life would not be cowplete without some kewl Samurai Cop toy mini figures from Snapp Fink Toys and Viktor’s Vintage. Long hair wig and flaring nostrils not included.

Thank you all for checking this post out!

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