Episode 98: Midget Zombie Takeover (2013)

Egads, the lil dead folks are TAKING OVER!!!
Well, not really. But I guess Some Dopey Twentysomthings Scared By A Few Cheap, Low Budget Zombies and Hide in a House Until They Die was not going to make for a very exciting moovie title. The debate at Indie Film Cafe during the latest Episode during this film was if there really was a lil dead fellah or not? The MooCow says YES, Moody says NO, and special guest Jackey Hall basically says HUHwhatheheckisthis?? Tune in and check out all the hubbub!

Ok, so there ain’t much overly cowplicated to this low budget (supposedly only made for $2,000!) zombie cheapie from writer/director Glenn Berggoetz – known as the King of Indie Comedy! – There’s a hot tub party, there are some ‘college folks’, there is the ‘weird dude who knows what’s going on and warns everyone, but is ignored’, and finally there are some dead folks who show up for munchies; the MooCow is very disappointed to say there is no army of little dead folks descending onto the partiers, but if you don’t blink you might just be able to see one!

These are some straaaange, strange folks; they all seem too old to worry about partying when ‘the parents are out of town’, they never use their freakin’ phones to call for help, they have sex and smooch when there are zombies IN THE BUILDING, and pretty mooch no one acts as an actual bona fide living adult human. Its pretty mooch a live action cartoon, with almoost no violence or gore, and since there is almoost no little people as well….what exactly are we watching this for?? Oh yeah, because its a stinker! :=8D

And while Anita Nicole Brown has been in a handful of titles (including Leaf Blower Massacre 2!), nobody else is recognizable in any way shape or form – probably for the best! Apparently it was shot in Indiana, where they were fresh outta lil people, which is why there were so very few. Shoulda borrowed a cup from Ankle Biters!

Well, the scores are in, and, yeah, this lil stinker is gonna score pretty high. In fact, special guest Jackey Hall wanted to award Midget Zombie Takeover a 100, and was disappointed that a 10 was the highest number allowed. Mr. Moody went with a 9.5, while the MooCow went with a 9, giving our moovie a total Stink Score of 28.5, which is a Stinky Average of 9.5 – on the Ladder of Stink, joins the ranks of Birdemic, Alien Prophecy, Blood Predator, Hard Rock Zombies, and Creeping Terror – distinguished company indeed!

You gotst yer trailer right HERE. In fact, writer/director Glenn Berggoetz has a bunch of shorts and trailers and fun stuff on his You Tube page. You can also find the film on the Facebook. Stream it on Prime, or get yer hooves on the DVD at Amazon. Get the Mr. Lobo intro version at Thriftbooks.com. It is also at Barnes & Noble. Get a Mr. Lobo autographed version at OSI74.com. There aint mooch out there for swag, but it would seem that you can get some posters, prints, and udder Midget Zombie Takeover stuff at IDPoster.com – check it out! Also check out a lunch date with Glenn Berggoetz at Paste Magazine.com!

Ok, its silly and ridiculous and kinda cheap and lousy, BUT in the right mood Midget Zombie Takeover can also be a lot of fun – check it out with your zombie buddies today!

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