Episode 97: Deadly Prey (1987)

Hey everyone… Jonathan Moody back here! You will be getting a lot of these this year it seems. Paul (the MooCow) is super busy this year with a lot going on so we decided that I would have two of my friends on here to discuss Deadly Prey… and who better than Jeremiah Morehouse (Director of Biker Warrior Babe VS The Zombie Babies From Hell) and Sarah Adkins (Co-Host of Horror Film Lovers with me). 

Jeremiah had never been on Indie Film Cafe as a guest before but his film Biker Warrior Babe had been on it and he’s been on Indie Film Cafe Spotlight. Sarah’s been on this show a few times so she typically knows the drill. 

This movie was directed by David A Prior and is a part of his production company Action International Pictures (AIP… no not the other AIP but this AIP). He produced films with David Winters. And this was probably one of the craziest one we’ll cover! 

Deadly Prey is a film about a ruthless group of mercenary men who are practicing their skills on kidnapped civilians. Think The World’s Most Dangerous Game but mixed with Rambo. After one guy is killed way too easily they decide to try to find someone else who might give them a bit more. And boy do they! 

They pick Michael “Mike” Danton (Starring Ted Prior… brother of the director) who was not only a former Marine but also happen to be the one who the Colonel who’s running the operation taught everything he knew. Now the mercenaries must fight for their lives in order to stay alive. 

There’s a lot more to the story but I will let you all watch it instead. I will just sat that there were quite a few action scenes that would make even Rambo giggle. I didn’t know that grenades made people fly as much as they did. This movie also features fun cameos by actors like Cameron Mitchell (Low Blow which we will do someday) and Troy Donahue (The Godfather Part 2). Those two together have one of the best scenes in the whole movie!

And the scores are in…  And it’s no surprise the rating is high on the stink! Sarah Adkins and myself both gave it an 8 where I’m guessing Jeremiah has seen stinkier films because he gave it a 7. Giving it a total score of 23. That puts it on the Ladder of Stink right with Rollergator and Suburban Sasquatch… wow! Not what I expected to see but hey its in good company! 

This film is highly popular and people like Rifftrax, Red Letter Media, and many other podcasts/videocasts. But we had a blast giving our insights. Check it out if you haven’t already. Paul will take over and tell us all the places you can find it!

Moo! The trailer is HERE. And you can see it for free on Youtube. You can also stream it on Prime. For those of you who prefer the physical medium, you can pillage Amazon for the DVD, Blu Ray, and even the funny Rifftrax version! You can also get the Rifftrax right from their own website. You can also get the DVD at Forbidden Planet and Walmart, while the Blu Ray can be had at both places AND Grindhouse Videos, as well as second-hand at Ebay. Red Bubble.com, along with Walmart and Forbidden Planet, also have the poster! Want the tee shirt too – who doesn’t? Check out Teepublic and Red Bubble! Best of all, Red Bubble has not ONE, not Two, but THREE styles of Deadly Prey coffee mugs to sip your moorning joe while you git yer cheesy 80’s action flix kix on! Red Bubble has Deadly Prey stickers too! AND of course, the mooch-needed Deadly Prey throw pillow! And if ye a Ted Prior fan check out this interview from Cinedelphia! And if you love the moosic, check out the Deadly Prey full soundtrack!


We clearly love our 80’s cheese at Indie Film Cafe – stay tuned for the next schlocky masterpiece!

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