Episode 92: Terror at Bigfoot Pond (2020)

Well, folks, Indie Film Cafe has really done it this time, a moovie so bad not even the MooCow cud endure it – the following essay is all Mr. Moody:

Hey everyone! Moody here! I’ve decided on episodes that I host that I will step in and talk about them. Decided to start it off with this terrible stinker!  A movie called, “Terror At Bigfoot Pond” Where there isn’t much terror but there is a Bigfoot Pond… er sort of… its more like a Bigfoot Puddle. Or a Bigfoot bath. Not much of a pond. And you will see that in this flick.  Ugh. You will see lots of nudity. Uncomfortable and sometimes sort of comfortable. When ladies are dancing topless and yet one woman wants to cover her breasts the whole time… it leaves you feeling a bit icky. I mean why even put someone in a position like that? Who knows! I don’t think this movie knows either! Apparently there was a script but ehhh you wouldn’t know it because everyone sort of talks and talks about random shit just to pad the time! Yep that pretty much sums up… Terror at Bigfoot Pond…

Check out the latest podcast here… where I chat with my two special guests Leila Toba and Bobby Gonzalez. If you don’t remember the last time I chatted with these two we chatted about the 1991 stinker, “Zombie Cop!” And I never expected them to watch another movie with me again… and then I gave them this to watch… they must feel like I’m torturing them now! 

But let’s get on with the movie… 

Terror at Bigfoot Pond starts out with nudity. Like the first minute or so one of the the actresses flashes the audience. So you sort of know where this will be heading. It starts off making us feel like this is going to be a found footage film. But then it goes from person to person (Each character got their own Go Pros… that’s probably where the budget of this movie went). And then it also has a regular camera taping all of them so it breaks the whole found footage barrier. So just like the rest of the movie you’re feeling kind of weird about it. 

This is David Rambaldi’s first feature narrative film; he did a documentary back in 2013. And he’s produced a few titles as well. However for his first feature horror film he didn’t do the best job. There were issues with the characters just going on and  on about things that didn’t move the plot forward. Characters introduced themselves awkwardly and some couldn’t remember if they went to high school together and that’s how they met. They weren’t too much older than high school so its very confusing. 

This movie could have been really great and have some fun with it but the movie takes itself way too seriously when it definitely shouldn’t. And how can a dude having sex with a woman not notice when the girl has been been killed by Bigfoot and taken away from him… while she’s on top of him? So much just didn’t make any sense and when a film the whole time gets you annoyed like that its hard to watch it.  Also the movie suffered from some stretches of boringness and that is not what you want in a Bigfoot Pond flick! 

Well the Stinkometer scores are in…and we all agreed this was worse than Zombie Cop: at least Zombie Cop had bits that were entertaining. Leila, Bobby, and myself all gave it a 10, making it the second 30 of the year! After a year of not getting any 30s its nice. Though the last one that got one was Killer Biker Chicks and that too was very boring. At least this one was shorter and didn’t feel like you had to keep checking the time to see if it was over yet. So it got a total of 30. With an average of 10. 

YIKES… don’t waste your time on seeking this one out but if you do it is available on Tubi for free to watch! Its also available on You Tube for free on Horror Central. And  if you feel you need to buy a copy its also on Amazon , maybe you feel like you need this in your terrible film collection.

Join us next week for the final episode of the season… we’re finishing off season 4 with a bang!

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