Episode 85: Biker Warrior Babe VS the Zombie Babies from Hell (2014)

Would you like to watch a hot, sexy biker warrior babe fight and dispatch a horde of rampaging babies from Hell?? Of course you would, we ALL would!! And now, thanks to the genius of writer/director Jeremiah Morehouse you can see it with your very own eye balls! Yes, Zipp the Too Cool For School warrior babe/Joan Jett wanna-be leather clad hottie has to save her friends and the town of Cranberry Lake, from a horde of mewling, demonic, rampaging babies which erupts from a hell chasm when Lucretia and Succubus, a pair of dippy no-goodniks, try to summon a demon, but just sorta, you know…botch it. Oooopsie, I hate when that happens… ;=8) Shenanigans ensue; check out the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe to hear what the Moody, the MooCow, and special guest co-host fellow filmmaker Ri Maku have to say about this cheesy demon baby howler – AND everyone’s favorite weird uncle Lloyd Kaufman is along for the ride!

Zipp (Brii Davis) and Melissa (Jessica Bloom) have things and stuff to do, like moost fun loving “teenagers”; Melissa is even trying to hook up Zipp with nice but nerdy Doc (Jake Dylman) – but before you can say Awkward Forced Date, Fate has udder plans for these folks! Learn your lessons, kiddies: if yer gonna summon a demon through virgin sacrifice (you know, as you do…), ya better get the details cowrect, or you too might accidentally summon a horde of screaming, crying demon babies to munch on your face and invade your small town. Lucretia (Elise Eden) ends up getting munched, but Succubus (Caitlin Bentley) proves to be much harder to dispatch, even when a pair of shotgun wielding locals blast her. Meanwhile, those babies…they pretty mooch devour the town, until Zipp and her friends manage to figure it out, and she can ride off in the sunset on her Harley to a happy ending.

Just…wow. This was an outrageously silly and fun microbudgeted indie film, and clearly much fun was had while making it. Of course, such productions have their fair share of issues – the lighting and sound are bad sometimes, the FX cheap and laughable, and the setting were…well, wherever they had permission to shoot. But the overall effect is highly entertaining and original, and the MooCow pretty mooch guarantees this flick will put a huge smile on your face! Oh did we mention that it was produced by Thankskilling‘s own Ryan Francis?? Dude makes moovies about killer turkey puppets and demon babies from hell – I want his life!

Mooch fun was had in the Indie Film Cafe studio with this one, folks, and it produced quite a score: Mr. Moody gave the film a 9.5, while the MooCow score it an 8, and Ri Maku went with a 7, giving Biker Warrior Babe vs. the Zombie Babies from Hell a total Stink Score of 24.5, which is a Stinky Average of 8.2! On the Ladder of Stink, this film nestles just below Dark Wolf, and right above Snow Shark, and is just as fun as both of them!

You can check out the trailer HERE. And an-udder one HERE. If there is one moovie that NEEDS a DVD or Blu Ray release its this film; cowever, until that happens you will have to suffice with checking it out on Tubi. and also VUDU. I also found it on 88 Stream Media, but I dunno cow secure that site is. There is no merch as of yet, but there is a Facebook page you can lurk and maybe git some info on a release. The folks at FLIBO seems to like the moovie as well, and we can’t say we blame them.

So hie thee hither, droogies, and clasp thine eyes upon the divine madness that is Biker Warrior Babe vs. the Zombie Babies from Hell – trust the MooCow, you’ll be glad that you did! And let’s hope this feature gets a well-deserved release soon!

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