Episode 84: Haggard: the Movie (2003)

Well, if you loved MTV’s obnoxious, over the top dumb-stunt show Jackass then you’ll love this weird, profane comedy as well, made by pretty mooch the same folks. We are talking about Bam Margera‘s 2003 part slacker comedy/part skatepunk direct to video flick Haggard, a moovie which turns out to be one of Moody’s personal favorites. On this episode of Indie Film Cafe he subjects both the MooCow and lovely indie thespian Lydia Manson, and the fur gets a’flyin! Hear what they have to say about this indie Clerksian bromance!

So we meet Ryan (Ryan Dunn), who is completely obsessed with his cheating ex-girlfriend Glauren (Jenn Rivell), even though their relationship is deader than a ribeye on a grill (and not half as tasty). But he can’t just moove on, even when his slacker friends Valo (Bam Margera) and Falcone (Brandon Dicamillo) try to ‘help’ – for example, offering him a hundred bucks to vandalize a house by taping poop to a wall. Yeah, its that kind of moovie. Udder stuff happens as well, there is a dirtbag biker named Hellboy (Rake Yohn), a subplot about inventing a reverse microwave, A chap named Naked Dave who is, well, naked, and pro skater Tony Hawk playing a cop. Oh, and there is a decent MTV Headbanger‘s Ball-type soundtrack as well.

While this silly indie may be a personal favorite for Mr. Moody, the MooCow was less impressed – and Ms. Lydia was simply not having it! The MooCow found most of the characters annoying and the story less interesting, although the moosic was decent and cinematography showed real potential; but Ms. Lydia had very little positive to say about the film, hence the variety of scores on this one. Moody awarded the film a 3, but the MooCow went with a 7, and Lydia gave it the harshest score at 8, giving Haggard a total Stink Score of 18, and a Stinky Average of 6. On the Ladder of Stink Haggard is tied with Airborne, an-udder Moody favorite!

You can check out the trailer right HERE. It is available for free on the Tube of You ; cowever, for those of you who want the physical media in yer hot little hooves you can get the Unrated DVD version from Uncle Amazon for retail, and for resale via EBay. While the MooCow cud not find mooch by way of sweet merch for Haggard, you CAN get this neat Bam Magera tee shirt at Redbubble, as well as a poster of the same image. A search of Ebay found an original signed poster there, and you can download a digital version at Cinematerial.com. You can also find an interesting doc on the making of the film on Youtube as well.

If you like over the top comedy, especially involving dumb stunts and dumber people, then the IFC kids think this may be the moovie for you. Check it out, and maybe you too can win that bike made out of diamonds!

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