Episode 70: Sledgehammers at Dawn (2013)

Not the actual Box cover but we’ll provide one if we ever find it!

Welcome to Season 4 of Indie Film Cafe, cats and kitties! And today we have a hard-hitting comedy of terrors brought to you by Josh (AKA Worm) Miller and Patrick Casey, those lovable lugs who brought he world Dorm Daze, Sonic the Hedgehog, and, moost of all, Hey…Stop Stabbing Me, which we reviewed in Season 1, and Gamebox 1.0, which we did in Season 2! So you know yer in for a world of wacky fun! Check out the latest episode with Moody, the MooCow, and fresh victim – errr, co-host, Paige Brooks (who somecow managed to survive the Curse of the Mummy Cat, AND come back for moore!), as they talk about this fun, silly film!

There’s gonna be lots of sledgehammer pics, aren’t there? Uhhh, yeah…

Welcome to the Forsaken Zone, also known as Rural Minnesota, which has broken away from the US to become a sovereign nation where all the crazies are kept because one in four of them turn out to be sort of…funny. In the head. And they like to kill folks – and, umm, that’s not even the cannibals. Poor Frank (Patrick Casey) – he left the Zone for LA, but has been pulled back because his father, the King (Jerome Casey), has died, and there is a kerfluffle going on about who is next in line to rule the Forsaken Zone with a firm sledgehammer. Machinations a la Game of Thrones is surely afoot, and pits brother against brother over who will rule the land, fight the cannibals, and win the lovely hand of Mug (Sarah K. Bizek), the adorable sex-trained handmaiden who can only say “Mug”. Ohh, and watch our for Hell Holes! We did warn you that this film was silly… ;=8)

Snow + Sledgehammers = Minnesota

Well, our third Miller/Casey film was almoost as good as our first two – wacky and fast-paced, the IFC kids enjoyed Sledgehammers at Dawn, with Moody awarding the film a 2.5, the MooCow went with a 3.5, and Paige went with a 4, giving Sledgehammers at Dawn a total Stink Score of 10, and a Stink Average of 3.3. We’re starting off the season on the right hoof!

Well, this is normally the spot where we put in links fer trailers, merch, and places to by the film on either DVD, Blu Ray, or good ol’ VHS – but as this flick is pretty mooch out of print, and can;t be bought anywhere that we know of, we gots nuthin for ya. The production company which made the film, Amazing Schlock Films, does have a website, and there is some info about the moovie, but just about all the links about where to get it are sadly out of date. COWEVER, word has it that the boys are working on getting a proper Blu Ray release of this (and also Hey…Stop Stabbing Me!) in the near future – and when that happens, we will update this review so you can git yer hooves on a copy, ’cause you needs one!

MOAR Sledgehammers! :=8O

All in all, this was a pretty low key, low stink way of opening up Season 4 here at Indie Film Cafe – bet that won’t last too long! Come see what weirdness follow in our next exciting episode!

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