Episode 69: Curse of the Mummy Cat (2018ish)

Well, it happened at last, kids, we made it all the way to the end of Season 3, and we’re going out with a BANG with a little visit to Roanoke, Virginia for a little flick called Curse of the Mummy Cat, and boy howdy this is truly…something. For this special season 3 finale we have Moody and the MooCow, and they re joined by original Co-Host Just Jenn (the MooCow always saves up something special for her!) – and they’re joined by a new victim…errr, guest Co-Host, Ms. Paige Brooks! Can she survive the Curse of the Mummy Cat – heck, can anyone?? Tune into our newest and possibly greatest PODCAST EPISODE and find out! :=8D

Ummmm…what the heck is dis??

Well, it turns out in the old, old west, a farmer named Tucanbandman (because he bangs a couple of cans for pennies) gets murdereded, and is mummified, along with his faithful pussycat Don Gato, and they stick him in a chicken shack that is passing for an Atec pyramid; some would-be archaeologists disturb his sleep, and then the Tucanbandman mummy rages all over Roanoke in the best stop-motion/claymation tradition, meow meow meow! There is a Man With No Name bounty hunter, three lawnmower-riding banditos who cannot die, a Spanish witch, cowplete with flapping rubber bats and loads and loads of blood squibs, poor cgi fx, silly songs, and just out and out fun! Director Charles B. Cullen, you are a maniac and a genius, and you just go on being you, good Sir!

Nothing captures the Old West like banditos on lawn mowers…

Just an amazing film, we were all amazed by it. I mean, what an you expect from a man who’s creative genius knows no bounds, as evidence with this huge, cat-chy pop song from back in the day: Young Gay Monkey on Roller Skates. The man knows cow to entertain, full stop. And he is ably assisted by his troupe of actors, tech crew, and musicians, many of which have been part of the Cullenverse for a long, long time. While the udder kids at Indie Film Cafe might shake their heads sadly at Curse of the Mummy Cat, the MooCow gets you, good Sir, and is behind you 100%! The world needs moore Mummy Cat, that mooch is crystal clear.

The Man with No Name is Taking Aim at YOU!

There was some truly heart-wrenching suffering while watching this film; the sighs and sobs cowming from some in this podcast cud make a stone weep. But they pulled themselves together and rendered a final verdict: everyone gave Curse of the Mummy Cat a deserved 10. Well, everyone except Paige, that is. Poor, innocent flower, even with all the pain and suffering she endured, she had enough hope inside to give this flick a 9.5, so cowfident she was that there are worse things in store for her – and there are! With Just Jenn, Paige, and the MooCow’s scoring the film 10’s and 9.5, the total Stink Score is 29.5, good for a Stink Average of 9.8. On the Ladder of Stink, that places Curse of the Mummy Cat below all the 30 rated stinkers, and just a shade above Actium Maximus. Worse than Actium Maximus, whoda thunk it??

Check out the trailer right HERE. Git yer hooves on a dvd copy from Uncle Amazon. Or Best Buy. Even BooksaMillion. You can find it on Ebay as well. Or, head over to Charles Cullen’s website and get it from the man himself. There you can find art, trailers, and order up yerself a copy, AND find out all kinds of great stuff that is part of the amazing Cullenverse, a place the MooCow would gladly reside. And while there is all kinds of mummy merch out there, sadly there isn’t anything for Curse of the Mummy Cat, a situation which moost be remedied! Hopfully with moore folks demanding this moovie word will get out and this wonderful flcik will take its place among the great cinematic masterpieces of American film. Meow meow meow!

Oh yes, I will rock your world!

See you for Season 4 of Indie Film Cafe real soon!

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