Episode 71: Ship of Monsters (1960)

Holy frejoles! The IFC kids have gone back into the Way Back Machine to 1960, for a weird, wacky, and fun Mexican sci-fi/western/moosical/vampire flick called Ship of Monsters, and lemme tell ya folks this one is WEIRD! Directed by Mexican moovie vet Rogelio A. González, and starring Singing Gaucho Eulalio González, Mexican wrestling babe and vampire queen Lorena Velázquez, and former Miss Mexico and Mexican horror hottie Ana Bertha Lepe, plus a whole bevy of weird critters, this episode will have Moody, the MooCow, and special guest co-host Just Jenn wide eyed and slack-jawed! Check out our latest episode and see what all the hubbub is all about!

Beware the Brain Guy! :=8O

Gamma and Beta, a pair of hotties from Venus, and their lovable refrigerator box robot Torr, crash land on earth after they have been trolling the galaxy to find menfolk to repopulate their dying planet because all the Venusian men are…well, just gone. They land in a Mexican western film starring the rascally but good-hearted Piporro, and his irritating younger brother Chuy, and then they both fall in love with him – which makes sense when you get a gander at the freaky cowllection of weird critters the lingeried ladies have thus far been able to come up with. Then, Beta becomes a vampire, and is ordered killed, so she switched to the udder side and gets the critters to fight with her, but it all ends up ok, Piporro and Gama hook up, Torr falls in love with a jukebox (I’m not making this up…), and evil is vanquished once again. All with an odd selection of songs and moosical numbers that is somewhat…head-scratching, but totally fun. This is a kitchen sink approach to film-making that actually, strangely, works!

Ummm…yeah, I dunno what the hell this thing is…

Yeah, this one was moore fun than a box of churros! Everyone seemed to enjoy this oddball little Mexican flick, and we bet you will too. Moody awarded the film an 8, the MooCow went with a 7, and Just Jenn gave the kindest score of all with a 6, giving Ship of Monsters an overall Stink Score of 21, which is a Stinky Average of 7.0! Híjole!

The MooCow cud not come up with an official trailer for this film; cowever, you can watch it for free on a number of sites, including Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. But, if you want to git yer hot little hooves on the physical medium, you can find it as part of a double feature of Mexican films on Amazon; as part of a 4-moovie set from Shout Factory; as part of a 12 film cowllection from Best Buy, and individually from places like DVDR Party, Ebay, and at our ol’ buddy Andrew Leavold’s site Trash Palace! You can also get this neat colorful poster (as well as stickers and card prints) from Redbubble. And check out the original 1959 Mexican theatrical poster (if you can afford it!) from FilmPoster.net! The same image can be found on a whey kewl tee shirt at Teepublic and also at Redbubble, because who wouldn’t want that?? Teepublic and Redbubble have mugs too, and Redbubble has to get extra props because they also have a great Throw Pillow as well, and hoodies! Finally, Teepublic has a kewl tote bag, ’cause you needs one!

Take me to your leader…PLEASE!!!!

So if yer lookin’ for a fun, wackadoodle flick that has a lil bit of everything, and is still a hoot to watch, you cud do a whole lot worse than Ship of Monster – so go check it out!

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