Episode 65: Cat Women of the Moon (1953)

Yumpin’ Yimmony! Its a white-knuckle ride on a rocket to see the Cat Women of the Mooooon!! Come aboard a vintage 50’s-era wild ride with our square-jawed hero Sonny Tufts as he battles these vicious outer space vixens and their cat-like…well, honestly there is nothing about these dancing ladies that is cat-like. Like, at all. They might as well have been called the Darkly Clad Female Interpretive Dancers with Long Nails of the Moon, but with a title like that, while honest, would moost likely keep teenage boys and their allowance dollars at home. Ohhhh, that dancing

But with a title like that you KNOW the Indie Film Cafe kids would be purr-fectly ready, willing, and able to examine this mangy hairball of a film. Joining in the caterwauling on the LATEST EPISODE with the MooCow are the Miller Twins, Lenore and Yolanda, safely tucked in their safe beds back in North Cowrolina while the MooCow cowtinues to prowl the Virginias with his bucket of stinky films, in search of a fresh victim to terrorize! Well, at least mildly amoose. but watch out for SPIDERS!!!

It’s my dream…and my nightmare

So yeah, a group of swell American astronauts, cowplete with cigarettes and pistols, take a scientifically-advanced rickety rocket ship to the Moon, where a bunch of giant spider puppets suspended by wires and bevy of ladies in black leotards and too much eye brow make-up awaits them; their sinister plan is to take the ship back to Earth and conquer it by…well, that part is never explained. Possibly by lounging around on sofas. That’s pretty mooch it, folks. B-moovie vet Sonny Tufts “stars”, along with Marie Windsor, Victor Jory, and William Phipps; among the Cat Women are B-moovie cuties Susan Morrow and Carol Brewster. “Robot Monster” alumnus Al Zimbalist produced this pile of kitty litter, while tv veteran editor and director Arthur Hilton directed, sort of. Elmer Bernstein, of all people, did the moosic.

When spider puppets attack!!!

Ooof. Ridiculous and silly, this moovie cud have actually been worse, and while the “science” behind the flick is…strange, at least they got some of their facts cowrrect, and it was at least mildly entertaining. Even so, the stink from this feeble 50’s flick was fairly pungent – the MooCow went with a 9, while the Miller twins gave identical scores (of course) of 8. That gives Cat Women of the Moon a Stink Total of 25, and a Stinky Average of 8.3. On the Ladder of Stink that puts this film tied with Prehistoric Bimbos from Armageddon City and Ankle Biters, a pair of choice stink bombs!

You WILL give us a new scratching post, oh yes, you will…

Trailers trailers everywhere!!! There’s even a colorized one! And since it is a public domain stinker, you can finds the whole feature easy on Youtube. Of course, if you wanna git yer hooves on the physical medium (and who doesn’t?), then head on over to Amazon for both DVD and VHS versions! The DVD is on Ebay too, and so is a print of the kewl red poster. You can also find the ANAGLYPH 3D VERSION of the moovie there too, cowplete with a pair of 3D glasses! An original 1954 title card can be found there too, and for only $400 bucks! For moore kewl schwag, head on over to Teepublic where you can git yer Cat Women mugs, stickers, hoodies, and even phone cases! Posterama.com has some kewl mugs as well! Zazzle has a nifty tee shirt too,, and so does Redbubble! And for those with deep pockets, check out this rare original 1953 yellow poster, still in excellent condition! And this film has been Rifftraxed, because of course it has!

Silly and stinky, nonetheless we feel you’ll enjoy your trip in the wayyyy back machine for this weird 50’s stinky classic, so check it out today!

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