Episode 61: Stiff Jobs (2009)

Welcome IFC fans to the wacky, wonderful, and thoroughly weird world of Strangeville, soon to meet two of the moost ruthless hitmen in the area, so say nothing of the assorted oddball and gender-questionable characters around – and keep your raincoats firmly fastened kids, as the fluids (body and/or udderwise) will be a flyin’! Yes, Indie Film Cafe has finally booked a visit to the fertile world of Kevin Strange ( the mad genius behind Hack Movies), specifically the film Stiff Jobs – check out what Moody, the MooCow, and special guest co-host Rebecca Rinehart have to say about this fun flick in our latest podcast episode! We also checked out some Butt Hash, because why the heck not??

Cletus Choat suggests you suck it…

Butt Hash is a short film that…well, exists. In it we are introduced to Strangeville’s moost omnipresent characters, Nixon and Hogan, who proceed to helpfully clue us in on cow to better enjoy the upcowming main feature, Stiff Jobs. Let’s just say you need to take their help with a grain of salt…and perhaps a barf bag. But its a good preview for what is in store! The main moovie Stiff Jobs tells the gaudy, grotesque tale of Wolfram Hart and Windgate McGillicuddy, a pair of work-for-hire hitmen lookin’ to up their profile, and their body cownts, to the detriment of a long list of weird, wonderful sleazeball characters – and perhaps a seriously dangerous and deluded sorcerer as well? There is sex (of a kind), violence, gender cowfusion, cross dressing, man rape, dildo-fu, bat shit tea, body fluid sprays (of all types), and a on-going discussion about fellatio that is locker room humor on huge, lumpy, hairy steroids. In udder words, it’s a film that has everything! :=8D

It’s just a flesh wound…

Story-wise, its a set up for the next Hack Movie offering, Cockhammer – but clearly these two characters needed their own flick, and we’re so thankful that we got it! The moovie stars many folks from Kevin Strange’s group of talented friends who make up the Strangeville universe, including Thadeus Starbuckle (Wolfram and Wolfram’s MOMS), David Wayne Black (Windgate), Joshitsuo Montoya (Cletus Choat), Jonny Jonny (Bum Leader), as well as Devin Wilder (from Rock & Roll Vampire, Redneck Carnage, and the Pizza Delivery Massacre). The Strange Man himself wrote, directed, produced, and shot this bad boy, and he also stars as the insidiously evil Cockhammer, as well as several udder smaller roles. All this AND the best fried potato yams in all of Strangeville!

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

And the votes are IN! The IFC kids clearly had some fun with this frisky lil gobbler, with the MooCow awarding it a 4, Moody a 5, and guest co-host Rebecca Rinehart a 6.5 – that’s a Stink Total of 15.5, and a Stink Average of 5.2! That’s a pretty good score, especially for this season of IFC, and not too smelly either!

A standard trailer for this film cud not be found, BUT I do has a TEASER for you to check out! Sadly, Hack Movies is no moore, at least as far as the dvd website is cowcerned – COWEVER, if you go to Kevin Strange’s personal website you can purchase yer own physical copy to rub your hot little hooves all over! You can also purchase the udder Hack Movies there too, and get caught up on the Strange Man, and check out all his books, comics, and creative content. There is also a boatload of merch there as well, including that Hack Movies thong that you wanna buy oh so much! ;=8) And if you absolutely must, Kevin was kind enough to include the flick on YouTube as well, but please support the indies if you can and buy direct from Kevin himself, so that Windgate can keep that tranny porn cowllection up to speed!

“Really dude, tranny porn?” “Don’t judge me, Wolfram; and its Trans Gender Porn!”

Ok, Stiff jobs might not be to everyone’s taste, especially for those who can be easily offended or triggered – but its a heck of a fun ride if you are down for it! And keep yer eyes peeled: I have a feeling this isn’t the last trip IFC makes to Strangeville!

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