Episode 52: Sharkenstein (2016)


The brain and heart of the Frankenstein Monster brings back to life a shark that is made up of other sharks… which you wouldn’t be able to tell by the look of the shark… here comes SHARKENSTEIN on our latest podcast episode!

Sharkenstein is probably one of the goofiest looking CGI sharks we’ve ever seen but he’s also the only one I’ve ever seen that actually walks on land. On feet. If you see the trailer you pretty much see how ridiculous this monster is. I, Jonathan Moody, sat down with actress Jackey Hall (she was in Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast that we covered last year with Mr. Johnny Johnson). And boy was she shocked at what she saw.  Jackey is not a big lover of bad movies like Paul and I are. Not in the least. But she’s so bored in this lockdown that she has agreed to come on as a guest on a few of the podcasts. I absolutely had a blast chatting with her about this. Especially talking a bit more about Snow Shark than I was expecting!

Hello everyone, it’s me…the Shark.
The characters in this movie were very much just that… Characters. From the 3 random friends Madge, Coop, and Skip. To Duke Lawson (who also made an appearance in one of Mark Polonia’s other films “Bigfoot VS Zombies”) who I guess was supposed to be the hero of the movie. To the evil German mad scientist Klaus. To the guide who was mute for some odd reason that they never explained.  And even Bonnie Boom Boom, a retired adult film star who doesn’t want to be attacked by her fans! Such a wacky assortment of people.
If you say Land Shark again I’ll bite your ass…

Mark Polonia’s Sharkenstein is something you have to see to believe. So much bad CGI and so much bad writing that this movie scored a 9 from me, an 8.5 for Paul (who comments at the end of the podcast), and Jackey having never really watched these kind of movies gives it a 6. For a total score of 23.5. That’s a Stink Average of 7.8.  Not too shabby for a movie that should have probably scored higher. But hey it’s still a stinky movie!

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. As well as buy it on there as well on a triple pack of “Sharkenstein/Raiders of the lost shark/shark exorcist”  You can also find it at Best Buy. If you wanna see how ridiculous this shark is check out the trailer here
Is it safe to watch silly hark movies again?  Ummm, we here at Indie Film Cafe say a resounding NO!!!  But hey, at least someone made a Sharkenstein musical!
Bonnie Boom Boom’s grisly fate – don’t ask.


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