Episode 49: Robot VS The Aztec Mummy (1958)


Ole’!  Its a Mexican mummy moovie with a sci-fi twist!  In which a slow, scaly pile of rags fights an even slower cardboard refrigerator box robot!  There’s the evil Doctor Krupp, who side-jobs as the mysterious Bat!  There’s his long-suffering, painfully thin mustached sidekick Bruno!  There’s cutie Rosita Arenas, on loan from far better Mexican horror moovies (Curse of the Crying Woman, The Witch’s Mirror)!  There’s a pair of irksome kids who have no business being in the moovie in the first place!  And we have some poor schmuck of a graveyard worker who always gets clomped on the head or irradiated by the robot.  And its all wrapped up in a massive blood soaked (well, snore-soaked..) orgy of…exposition.  Of course, when we FINALLY get to see the cardboard box and Popoca the growling rag pile fight, its…well, its something.  hear what the Indie Film Cafe kids have to say about it in their latest PODCAST EPISODE!  Oh, and we got a visit from Soapy the Germ Fighter!

Grrrr, I’m a pile of rags!  Grrrr, I’m a cardboard box!  Let’s party!

Seriously.  Two of the sloooooowest monsters in moovie history make for the sloooooowest monster fight ever.  and it might have even been interesting except busybody Dr. Eduardo decides to crack-shoot the control (in the darkness) out of Drupp’s hands, which makes the poor, suffering actor inside the box vanish, so that Popoca can wad him up like tin foil.  There some udder story exposition stuff going on too, moostly borrowed from the two previous Aztec mummy moovies, but really no one cares about any of that: literally the whole point, to say nothing of the actual title of the film, is to see the box and rag pile fight.  Somewhere Santos and Neutron are smiling…

I think I am in love!

This cheesy howler should have been a lot moore fun, but moost of it was just plain dishwater dull.  Ms. Lenore awarded the film 7.5, Joe gave it an 8, while the MooCow went with a 8.5, giving the moovie a total Stink Score of 24, and a Stink Average of 8.0.  If only we has seen Popoca wrestle Soapy!  :=8D


Get yer trailer right HERE.  The full moovie is all over the Tube of You like a luchadoros on a plate of nachos.  They even have the wonderful MST3K version there too!  To git yer hooves on yer own copy, Uncle AMAZON has you covered.  But if yer REALLY a huge fan, get yourself the full Aztec Mummy Collection on DVD, you won;t be sorry!  Check out this whey kewl poster HERE.  And you can buy yer own copy of that poster HERE! TeePublic has a Aztec Mummy VS Robot MUG!!!  And Gerdy’s has a great black and white TEE SHIRT for the moovie too, while ZAZZLE has one in color!


Just remember folks, whether yer fighting the evil Coronavirus, or a pile of scaly rags named Popoca, take it from Soapy and Billy to make sure you keep yourself clean!


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