Episode 48: Zombie Cop (1991)


Ackkkk!  He’s a zombie!  He’s a cop!!  He’s ZOMBIE COP!!!  and he’s not looking for doughnuts!

Yep, it seems our boy in blue gets killed when he gets into a shoot out with a voodoo priest named Doctor Death (hint: if yer doctor is named Doctor Death you might wanna find an-udder physician…) – both of them rise form the grave and become shabbily dressed zombies: Doc Death wants world domination, of course, and Zombie Cop wants to stop him!  Fun and shenanigans follows.  Check out the latest Indie Film Cafe EPISODE to hear all the moans and groans of pain and suffering.

Ummmm…are we sure this isn’t Mummy Cop??  :=8/

Soooo, this is the Indie Film Cafe’s second go with Tempe’s J.R. Bookwater (joining Season 2’s review of Polymorph), and, well, let’s just say this this season’s offering is somewhat moore…odoriferous.  :=8P  Honestly, this is one of Tempe‘s early, no-budget stinkers, and it is sooooo bad that Bookwater himself pretty moooch disowned it.  The acting,  cinematography, editing, and moosic are all quite bad, but its the extended scene padding that really turns this stinker from a misdemeanor to a felony (see what i did there?).  But check out that hot zombie cop action!
Yeah, its pretty mooch a snoozefest here, folks, and that is not good.  Neil Breen, are you hearing some footsteps??

Ok, seriously: curtains or dashiki – YOU decide!

Wow.  Moody, Leila, and Bobby were stunned like dead carp after this one; Leila might actually have become broken, curled up in a fetal position on the ground sobbing unconcowtrollably into her Coke Zero.  Moody was looking to up his stink game for IFC, and it seems he found the right one.  Tens all around!  Finally, we have a cowtendor to Neil Breen as to the stinkiest crapfest in moovie history!  That’s a 30 on the Stinkometer, folks, and an average Stink Score of 10.


Trailerage is right HERE.  Although hard to find on its own, you can get the Bad Movie Police double feature dvd, sporting both Zombie Cop and Maximum Impact, from yer old pal Uncle Amazon.  For those of you who simply cannot fathom wasting yer hard-earned moolah on such horrific dribble, some kind soul has uploaded Zombie Cop to the Tube of You.  And clearly you need to be drinking your joe out of a zombie cop mug while you watch, because why the heck not??  Ciao!  Get yer Italian moovie-inspired Zombie Cop POSTER to decorate your room too, whydoncha?

You have a right to remain…stinky as hell.

Maybe its because cop costumes are cheap as hell, but there were a LOT of bad cop horror moovies in the 80’s and 90’s, and even later, (Maniac Cop, Demon Cop, Psycho Cop, Vampire Cop, etc..), but Zombie Cop cud very well be the worst offender of them all!  Its an early cowtender for worst moovie in Season 3, will an-udder stinker rise to the challenge?  Stay tuned to find out!

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