Episode 47: Baby Ghost (1995)


Oh my my my.  “Baby Ghost”.  What a moovie!  But cow cud anything made with the star power of Donald G. Jackson, Joe Estevez, and Conrad Brooks , the folks who gave us the amazing Roller Gator, even come close to failing?  Well when yer titular ‘baby ghost’ is little moore than a puppet on a string, projected off-camera, and your actors have to pretend to be terrified of it…yeah, and it all goes down hill from there.  But what a snazzy little theme song!  Listen to the latest Indie Film Cafe PODCAST, this time from the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, to hear what you’ve been missing!  Oh, and grab yerself a few doughnts, and maybe a shot or two, yer gonna need ’em!


I’m  a Scary Ghost!  No, really!  STOP LAUGHING AT MEEE!!!

Joe Estavez, Conrad Brooks, and Erin O’Bryan try their best, but the script (!!!) gives them virtually nothing to do except bumble incompetently and pretend to be afraid of this ridiculous, green, giggling off-screen puppet on a string.  The unfunny “Home Alone” wannabe New York robbers and amateur kid actors make things even worse.  And, as usual, there are lots of inappropriate music clips in the background, selected, one assumes, not from their quality but because they must have been free.  If you cud imagine “Home Alone”, “Ghost Busters”, and “Baby Geniuses” put in a blender, and set on puree, this is pretty mooch what you’d get!  Poorly filmed, poorly lit, and poorly written, “Baby Ghost” is nonetheless a lot of stinky fun!

Look, if we keep smiling for only 1 more hour we’ll end the filming and get out of this apartment complex!

Well, yer old pal the MooCow cudn’t help himself, and awarded “Baby Ghost” an 8.5, while newly west coast ensconced Moody gave it a 9.5.  Our new LA Confidential, Leila Toba, felt moore generous, and awarded the film a 6, giving the film a Stink Total of 24, and a Stink Average of 8.0!  Pretty stinky stuff, but not quite Neil Breen territory.


Well, there is kind of a trailer for this film HERE, although it may not be 100% serious.  The always fun Everything is Terrible bunch did a fun 3 minute Baby Ghost mash-up HERE.  You can watch the glory for yourself on Amazon Prime, and its only a $1.99!!!  Or hie thee hither to Scott Shaw’s website to get yer hooves on yer own physical copy!  And if yer like poor Leila, and you can’t get the boppy theme moosic out of your head, check out this VIDEO.

Everyone’s coming for some Baby Ghost goodness!

Ok, “Baby Ghost” is a very bad film where not mooch happens – but it is always great fun to see Joe Estevez and Conrad Brooks working with Donald G. Jackson and Scott Shaw: they just don’t make ’em like this anymoore!  So, does that mean the 3rd in the Jackson/Shaw Kiddie Trilogy, “Little Lost Sea Serpent” will be making a future appearance on Indie Film Cafe???  You’ll just have to keep on watching…

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