Episode 40: Now You Know (2002)


Well, as some of you who know Moody and the MooCow know, we are big fans of anything from the Kevin Smith/View Askew universe, even projects only remootly cownnected – and NOW YOU KNOW that we just had to do Jeff Anderson‘s 2002 weird rom-com “Now You Know”!  Ok, there are no vampires, ninjas, or guys waddling around in rubber monster suits (moore’s the pity), but it does have appearances by Kevin Smith, his charming wife, and udders from the View Askew-verse, and it all comes from the brainchild birthed by none udder than Jeff Anderson (Randal in “Clerks) himself.  So check out the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe, and see what our thinkin’s are about this flick!

Get ready folks for loads of intense CHATTING!!!  but no monsters…

So, the story, in a nut shell, is about a dude named Jeremy (that would be “Six Feet Under”‘s Jeremy Sisto) in Vegas the eve of his bachelor party, he learns his fiancee – that would be Kerri, played by “Parks & Rec”‘s Rashida Jones, wants to call off the wedding, and he insists he has no idea why.  So, he returns to Jersey, digs up his old naerdowell friends (Jeff Anderson, as Gil, and Trevor Fehrman, as Biscuit), to sort things out, and, well, lets just say that there is a LOT of talking, some midnight furniture rearranging, a 13 year old boy who grabs some boobage, various shenanigans, and a whole lot of everything BUT sorting things out.  Because honestly, we’re not here to find out who marries who, but to spend time with some wacky characters and enjoy their torture and torment.

Now You Know (2002)
Someone take this flappin’ bowling ball off my hand!

Udders who show up in this film include the always-hot Paget Brewster, Heather Dunbrow, Earl Boen, Stuart Pankin, and Todd Babcock.  Its a fun little film with a great cast that nevertheless has a bit of a problem with length, focus, and just oodles and oodles of chatting, some of which is lots of fun, some of which is just sort of not.

“Hey look, everyone runs over a tiny yapping dog with a lawnmower now and then…”

Not a bad little film for a change of pace from the usual stream of much we wade through.  Moody awarded the film a 4, while the MooCow gave a 5.5, and resident Science Expert Lenore gave it a 3, perhaps glad that there was no poorly presented science this time.  That means “Now You Know” has a total Stink Score of 12.5, and a Stink Average of 4.1.  Not too shabby!


Trailer is HERE.  And a fun little interview with Jeff Anderson and Kevin Smith about the moovie is HERE.  You can get a DVD copy pretty cheap these days from Amazon, and copies show up now and again on EbayBrightlights Books also has a copy.  Udder than that, there ain’t a whole lot out there about this film, so find a copy if you can.

You don’t need a drink to enjoy this film, but it can’t hurt…

The kids at Indie Film Cafe say check out the 2002 rom-com “Now You Know”, and put yourself back into a View Askew frame of mind!


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