Episode 39A: GingerDead Man AGAIN!

Screenshot_2019-10-11 Gingerdead Man
Go ahead, poke my belly, see what happens!

Well, I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles, but we still have a couple of feeble flicks that Miss Lenore had yet to see and review, and since we NEED three scores for our Stinkometer there was just no escape.  Yes, poor Lenore had to endure an evil homicidal cookie played by Gary Busey – yet an-udder Full Moon classic!  Charles Band, you are the man!  Anycow, check out our mini-podcast and listen to Lenore moan and groan her way through this moovie and see if a second helping somecow managed to make the moovie better!

People hate me ’cause I’m tastayyyyyy!


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