Episode 38: The Sinister Urge (1960)


Smut!  Smut!!!  Dirty rotten stinking filthy SMUT!!!  its ruining our country , its despoiling our youth, its corrupting and undermining the very foundations of the state, and its all because of one grim, hard-boiled battle axe named GLORIA and her twisted, sleazy henchman Johnny!  Or so Ed Wood would have us believe.  Because honestly, slightly paunchy 50’s era ladies wearing bras, panties, stockings, garters, and full length night gowns, or even just swimming suits,  aren’t really particularly smutty, like not at all.  This is one of those wonderful Teenage Delinquent/Much Ado About Nothing-type over dramatizations of the era, and with Ed Wood’s ‘special’ flair (“Jail Bait”, “The Violent Years”, “Devil Girls”, etc) to boot.  Well, we here at Indie Film Cafe just cudn’t help ourselves, so we served up a heapin’ helpin’ of lame Ed Wood ridiculousness, along with resident Science Expert Lenore Miller AND special guest Gary Morgan, on our latest PODCAST.  Hear us moan and groan our way through this one!

So…you crack open men’s skulls with those things?  Shoot, I need more booze…

Yes, so mildly ‘sexy’ pictures leads to teen delinquency, fighting, murder, and psychotic behavior – sounds like “Reefer Madness”, “Cocaine Fiends”, and dozens of udder heavy handed morality roadshow cheapies from the 30’s and 40’s, only updated to 1960 because James DeanJean Fontain plays Gloria Henderson, a  rusty battleship on two legs who runs the smut operation and demands to see them legs, “all the way up” (shudder!).  Fontain was apparently married to a wealthy husband, and only acted as a hobby – apart from this Ed Wood opus, she haunted a few French productions, including “Asterix and Cleopatra” and a 1960’s tv series called “L’éventail de Séville”, which presumably is French for “Please Go Away You Horrid Creature of Darkness”.

Assisting the Rusty Battleship in her endeavor is Johnny Ryde, played by Carl Anthony (“Plan Nine from Outer Space”, “Raw Force”), a smarmy, even-toned lush who ensnares innocent women looking to make it big as the next Hollywood discovery, and luring them into a trap of debt, booze, and skeezy pictures.  But Dino Fantini (“Return to Payton Place”), as Dirk Williams, rats out the crew, and also kills the models, because that’s what a true-blue employee would do.  Detectives Randy Stone, played by Wood alum Duke Moore (“Plan Nine from Outer Space”, “Night of the Ghouls”, “Take it Out in Trade”), and Matt Carson, played by udder Wood alum Kenne Duncan (“Astounding She-Monster”, “Night of the Ghouls”, and about 1000 cheapie westerns from the 20’s into the 50’s) finally figure stuff out and stops the operation.  Our old pal and stink moovie vet Harvey B. Dunn (“Teenagers from Outer Space”, “Night of the Ghouls”,  “Deadwood ’76” ) plays a grousing, chubby citizen, and good old Conrad Brooks (“Plan Nine from Outer Space”, “Glen or Glenda”, “Jail Bait”) gets beaten up by Ed Wood himself (who also plays a cop in drag!).

Eeeeeek!  That IS a Sinister Urge!!!  :=8O

While a bit moore tedious and less fun than a regular Ed Wood moovie, nonetheless The Sinister Urge has many mooments of fun, and so the Stink Scores are modestly high:  Moody awarded an 8.5, Lenore an 8, and the MooCow gave a 7.5.  Guest Gaz Morgan offered up a 6.5, but since we can only use 3 reviews for our Stinkometer his won’t cownt in the final score, which is a 24, and a Stink average of 8.0.


Get yer trailer right HERE.  This is a toughie to find, as it is out of print and in the public domain.  DVD copies are PRICEY, and I doubt there will ever be a Blu Ray version – but who knows?  Sinister Cinema put out a dvd but it is out of print.  A scan of Amazon reveals only a pricey VHS version.  Rhino put out the MST3K version HERE, and it is currently the only version you can see on the Tube of You.  Interestingly, Rob Zombie named his second album after the moovie.  Get the kewl poster HERE.  And get a neat-o tee shirt HERE.

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Yeah, well, we tried….

The indie Film Cafe crew says definitely check out Ed Wood’s stinky classic The Sinister Urge, even if its only the Mystie version, and learn how you too can fight the forces of evil, non-pornographic smut before it turns YOU into a horrible monster!

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