Episode 26: Gingerdead Man


Ahem.  Gary Busy plays an evil psychopathic cookie who tries to kill people and slings bad puns.  This statement alone is reason enough to check out this fun, classic stinker from those wacky folks at Full Moon Video – although when you add in the always wonderful, glorious, and immensely beautiful and talented Robin Sydney, its pretty mooch a slam cookie dunk!  Check out our latest PODCAST to see what the Indie Film Cafe folks had to say about this tasty treat!

Hey, keep yer hands outta my cookie jar, or I’ll slice ’em off!

So, evil, dopey, mom-besotted Millard Findlemeyer (Busey) robs a cafe and kills Sarah Leigh (Sydney)’s family, because why not, but gets caught and is sent to the electric chair (even though in Texas its lethal injection only – details, details…), and his mother decides to send her sons ashes to Sarah’s bakery disguised as “Grandmas Gingerbread Spice Mix”, where they get baked into s vat of cookie dough – add in a little blood from the worst named wrestler in history (The Bucher-Baker!!???!!), and some electricity, and whammo-bammo, we’ve got one crummy little cookie running around causing havoc.  Soon, the Busey-Cookie is terrorizing Sarah and her bakery buddies, chops her mother’s finger off, threatens a cute little rat, carves up evil Miss Prettyface whose father he crushes with a car, and nearly gives Hot Topic Boyfriend a run for his money – eventually he gets eaten by the Butcher-Baker, possessed him, and gets put into the oven for the final solution.  Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, we just can’t help it….

Its Miss Prettyface, Not Miss Stabbyface!!!

While it drags in places, any film with an evil cookie is right up our dark scary alley, and Charles Band knows how to milk all the sugar out of this pesky pastry.  Moody gave the film a 6.0 on the Stinkometer, while the MooCow and Special Guest Lenore chocolate chipped in scores of 5.0 – that gives this flick a total Stink Score of 16, and a Stinky Average of 5.33 – not too shabby!


Need a cookie sampler?  Check out the trailer HERE.  Buy it direct from Full Moon with the rest of your snacks right HERE.  You can buy the moovie from Amazon HERE, or go baker’s dozen and get the Gingerdead Man trilogy box set right HERE!  And for you sick little monkeys who want, need, and desire an 8″ resin stature of the evil cookie himself, in all his sweet gingery glory, you need to go HERE.  YOU need the French poster – yes you do, get it HERE.  And lastly, there is a Gingerdead Man comic, because of course there is – check it out HERE.

The REAL Miss Prettyface…

Well, if there is no room in yer life for a killer cookie moovie, I dunno what hope there is for you.  But if there is, then don’t be a cream puff, slap down a little dough and check out this comedic cookie caper while the sheet is still hot!


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