Episode 21: Santa’s Slay


He’s making his list, and he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna kill everyone, naughty AND nice!
Yes, nothing says home for the holidays quite like a homicidal axe-murdering demon Santa riding a Viking longboat-sled pulled by an enormous furry hell beast bison.  Just like Dr. Seuss and Charles Dickins wrote!  Bill Goldberg plays the aforementioned Kris Kringle demon from hell, cranky from 1000 years of kid’s letters begging for toys, and so he returns to Hell Township to give the pasty-faced denizens what-for, and the likes of Fran Dresher, James Caan, Rebecca Gayheart, Dave Thomas, and Saul Rubenik get turned into lumps of coal.  Fortunately, our two young friends, played with aplomb by Douglas Smith and Emilie de Ravin, with a little help from an angle played by Robert Culp (if you can believe that!) finally saves Christmas and the day!

Uhh, Dave Thomas, this is NOT the ride you want!

if you have the Christmas blues, or are just a Grinch at heart, you’ll cheer on Bill Golberg‘s slayin’ Santa – check out what the Indie Film Cafe folks had to say about this one on their latest PODCAST!  Right from the demented opening you know yer in for a treat.  And there’s even some hot and heavy curling action!  And YESSSS, we know we should have saved this moovie for December, but who doesn’t like to have a peek at their presents a bit early?

I think the kids liked their gifts, Honey!

Overall, the Indie Film Cafe kids thought Santa’s Slay wasn’t too naughty or too nice: Moody gave it a 3, while Just Jenn and the MooCow tossed in 6’s, putting this holiday holocaust at 15 on the Stinkometer – which is middle of the pack!  That’s an average Stink Score of 5!  Not too shabby!

Stinky Score 5

Trailer, right HERE.  Enjoy the Alice Cooper hairspray-N-spandex metal theme song for the moovie HERE.  AND enjoy the kewl Futurama version HERE.  Want the DVD nooch?  Get it at Amazon.  And Target.  And Wally World.  There’s a fun little article HERE about cow Bill Goldberg met his wide on the set of the moovie!

Just one moore moovie to go for Season One – I wonder what it cud beeee??

if you thought Santa was rough, wait ’til you get a load of MY tail feathers!


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