Episode 18: Fateful Findings


Well, I knew it was going to happen.  I knew it was going to happen.  Yep, I always knew it was going to happen.  So sorry, folks, you caught me Breening!  And that’s because those poor schlubs at Indie Film Cafe finally got around to watching a Neil Breen film, the one and only Fateful Findings!  And if it ain”t a magical day, then it sure is a crappy one!

This epic failure stars Neil Breen as pretty much himself: the greatest hacker/writer/human being with alien super powers the world has ever seen.  We know this is true because the great man wrote, directed, produced, starred in, and pretty mooch did everything apart from wear a dress and play the female leads in this flaccid flick!  And my oh my did the 10’s come a-flyin’!  Remember when you thought Roller Gator was bad?  Remember when you thought Barn of the Blood Llama was bad???  Neil Breen is the king, all other must bow down before the master!  Check out the latest Indie Film Cafe podcast and witness the torture the MooCow has in store for his poor, unfortunate film buddies.  It’s a magical day!!!!!

I can’t believe you used all that raspberry sauce, i can’t believe you used all that raspberry sauce…

Yep, we got our first 10 here folks, and not only that but it was unanimous!  A clean sweep!  10’s across the board!  That means a maximum 30 out of 30 stink points, and behold: a new leader has emerged at the top of the Stinky Movie Scoreboard, dominating the Stinkometer like no udder film has in season one!  Yep, we got our first 30, folks, but the big question is – will it be Season One’s last???

Stinky Score 10


Git yer hot, steamin’ Fateful Findings trailer action right HERE!  Marvel at how deftly Neil Breen saves America right HERE!!  Witness the intense acting that comes from a simple sip of coffee HERE!!!  Dying for yer very own copy of this amazing moovie?  Of course you are!  But you’ll have to get it right from the source, ’cause its not even on Amazon these days.  Never in history has $25.95 plus shipping and handling been moore wisely spent!  Check out the great man’s Twitter page as well, he’s always got a handful of dvds and blu ray to sell you!  And check out this scha-weeeeet Neil Breen-inspired digital art at Redbubble!  Or if you have some Danish Kroner lying around (and who doesn’t?), check out this kewl Danish Neil Breen Etsy store!

Kiss it!  Kiss the filthy mask!!!

I’m not certain this slop bucket cud ever be topped folks, but here at Indie Film Cafe we are keen to try, and if its out there you can bet dollars to doughnuts that we’ll find it for you!

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