Episode 17: Birdemic Shock & Terror


Head for the hills, its the birds!  No, not the classic Hitchcock moovie, far, far from it!  This is Birdemic: Shock and Terror, James Nguyen‘s fabulously terrible, weird, and incompetent masterpiece from 2010, and there are very few birds this like this turkey in the world!  Part Eco-morality tale, part clumsy CGI-ladened bird-horror flick, Birdemic is 100% full of stink.  Starring Rod the Puppet, Natalie, the dopey chick who adores him, a solar panel salesman, the unfunkiest black performer in the history of moosic, and a bunch of barely mooving, cheap, shrill, and annoying CGI birds.  Check out the latest Indie Film Cafe podcast to see if this flick is the worst one yet in a season just brimming full of stink!  You’ll just want to applaud…forever.

What the hell???

Between the amazing special effects, the top notch production values, and amazing acting, the MooCow isn’t sure this flick can be topped!  Ever!

Well, at least Whitney Moore has gone on to bigger and better things, like Birdemic 2: The Resurrection and Another Yeti Love Story!  Poor Whitney…

Well, there you go, kids: The MooCow, Moody, AND Just Jenn all agreed 100% on this one, giving the mighty Birdemic 9.5s across the board, making this flaccid flick the highest ranking moovie on the Stinkometer Scoreboard so far, with a total Stink Score of 28.5 – out of a maximum of 30!  And you thought Barn of the Blood Llama was bad!

Stinky Score 10


If you can stand it, HERE is a trailer – don’t say you weren’t warned!  To git yer hooves on a dvd copy of this stinker, head on over to Amazon.  If you’d rather see all of the moovie’s glory in fabulous high def Blu Ray, and who doesn’t, then head over HERE.  Or go right to the source and git yer copy from the Severin Films website.  Or get the high-sterical Rifftrax version at their website.  And with Cowlloween cowming up, who wouldn’t like to wear a nifty Birdemic costume??  And any real fan would love this kewl Alan Bagh (Rod the Puppet) political poster, so they can gaze at his wooden beauty every day!

Tora! Tora! Tora!!!

The Indie Film Cafe kids say enjoy this crappy, fowl-feathered stinker, but be careful where you fuel up!

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