Episode 11: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter


The power of Christ Impales you!  But only if you are a mean, nasty vampire!  Yes, the Prince of Peace is in the battle against the forces of darkness with his friends, Mary Magnum and El Santos, as they fight a cabal of lesbian-munching vampires and the evil Doctor PretoriusPhil Caracas plays the big JC, hunter of vampires, in this fun, wacky Canadian flick written by Ian Driscoll and directed by Lee Gorden Demarbre.  The nutjobs here at Indie Film Cafe have lots to say about this one on Episode #11 podcast – check it out!  Thrill at the amazing fight scenesEnjoy the scha-weeet musical and dance routines!!  Marvel at the incredible talking bowl of cherries!!!  And remember: Everybody gets laid tonight!


The only stakes the MooCow approves…

The MooCow gives this fun flick a 2, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn a 3 as well, for a total Stink Score of 8, and a stinky average of 2.5! That’s an amazingly low and unstinky score!

Stinky Score 2

Pick up the Special Edition DVD at Amazon, and get the amazing BLU RAY there too!  And enjoy the dramatic trailer HERE.  There is also a bittersweet remembrance video HERE, 9 years after the moovie was made, discussing where various folks who made the film ended up.  Finally, enjoy the haunting El Santos Theme Song HERE, because you can never get enough of El Santos!

I kick ass for the Lord!


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