Episode 7: Roller Gator


Sufferin’ swamp gas! Episode seven of Indie Film Cafe is none other than Roller Gator!!! That’s right, Donald G. Jackson‘s 1996 classic tale of a small, plastic, purple, rappin’ baby ‘gator, and his epic struggle against a crooked carnival host who wants him caged, the evil and dangerous DARK NINJA (who hates vegetables), and hapless Reggie the Weenie Fingers. Will cute, snuggly PJ and young Slingshot manage to help Baby Gator (he’s almoost 12!) meet Swampy the Swamp Farmer, and get his lil’ gator butt back to the safety of the swamp? Watch this pulse-pounding, intense action flick and see for your self! Starring Joe Estevez, Conrad Brooks, and an inanimate wise-cracking plastic toy, this fun and crazy flick will have you smiling AND shaking your head in disbelief at the same time! And dig that craaaazy guitar noodling, all on our podcast review!

Is that a hand up your butt or are you happy to see me?

Yeah, there is a lot of stink to go around on this one, kids, we’re not gonna lie. The MooCow gave it a 7, while Just Jenn and Jonathan both gave it 8s, making the total Stink Score a 23, and an average Stink score of 7.67, making Roller Gator one of our stinkiest flicks to date!

Stinky Score 7

Get your hooves on a copy at Amazon. And don’t forget to check out the funny Rifftrax version too!

Go HERE to enjoy that awesome Baby Gator rap!

Call for Gator Aid!

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